Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's Export These Expert "Medicine Men"

It's time for wordplay on this snowy day--
time to excoriate dangerous medical authorities
publicly promulgating psychiatrically irresponsible
notions. A recent theory states that, between our
genes and our environment, there's little room
for free will. --What?? I'm no automaton, and
neither is anyone else, brainwashing and hypnosis
aside. Granted, family genetic history and one's
surroundings ARE powerful determinants, but we
do make choices every day independent of them,

If neurological inevitability theory (or whatever
they're calling it) ever becomes popularly accepted,
rehab locations will shutter, psychiatry and psychology
will intervene less often (therefore, less humanely),
and no one imprisoned will bother to seek redemption;
domestic, school and neighborhood violence will skyrocket.
Many other undesirable results will no doubt occur to
the reader.

Let's not accept such a preposterously grim "medical"
assessment. Let's export these "experts" instead,
say, to outer Slobovia.


  1. Amber, this is a really important subject that is terribly under reported and it does not receive near the discussion it deserves. I saw the effects of this "belief" as it grew in the minds of many of my fellow teachers. My wife is a psychiatric nurse and she is deeply concerned about this phenomenon. Thanks for the great post. I'll repost it and ask my readers to consider the implications.

    1. Cletis,
      Can you ask your wife for the proper psychiatric term for this phenom? I want
      to look up more about this, have begun to,
      but the proper term would greatly expedite
      matters, of course.

      Best Wishes to you both, A.

  2. Amber, I'm not sure if there is an exact term for what you're talking about. I have heard thigs like "genetic determinism" or "evolutionary biology" or "evolutionary psychology." I'll think about it and talk to you more later. Old Blue

    1. Thanks, Cletis, I'll keep looking, Best Wishes, A.