Thursday, January 19, 2012

European Union United in Anti-Iranian Folly

Obviously too many in Europe learned NOTHING
from the heavy reparations leveled against
Germany after WWI, which almost DIRECTLY
caused WWII. What do they think will occur
if a blockade/embargo of Iran's oil exports
is decided on January 23rd? --That Iran will
"straighten up and fly right" after larger
countries deny it their major source of income?
Don't these political leaders/policy wonks realize
the danger in putting people's backs against the

....Yet ironically, many Europeans nearly break
their arms patting themselves on the back for their
intellectual/cultural superiority over those
"new (upstart) Americans". So where is that much
vaunted superiority now? George Santayana would
NOT be impressed.

....and neither am I, with Europe or the U.S.
How much more bloodshed and economic privation
do you want to cause, you two?

Stop this anti-Iranian bully-bluster now, while
there is still time.


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  2. Monday, January 23, 2012:
    Europe did follow through with their intended
    sanction of Iranian oil today, as well as holding up transactions usually channeled
    through Iran's Central Bank. I can only pray
    the Strait of Hormuz isn't the site of yet more Middle East regional violence involving the U.S. How many wars can our country successfully or ethically conduct?

  3. I believe WWII may be the only war we've ever fought which could be considered ethical.

  4. Dear Cletis, I hope all is reasonably well with you and yours. I agree with you wholeheartedly about wars within the last 150 years or so, not sure about going back to 6,000 years of "written" history. But I guess I must also include the Civil War, the bloodiest U.S. one. The South would still have institutional slavery without it. (Some dang folk jest aint into bein' reasonable!) Best, A.