Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Romney's Reasoning "Declining"

Mr. Romney is no super patriot. He's publicly joined
those of us who believe the U.S. is a declining
empire, criticized the President's State of the Union
Address (Jan. 24th) for not agreeing with such a sad
reality. But Mitt can't catch the facts or remember
recent history: Mr. Obama did not cause the Great
Recession of 2008 (and beyond). If Mr. Obama wants to
speak in a determinedly positive fashion, I'd let him,
as too many will give up if the future is too powerfully
portrayed as irremediably bleak.

But get a load of Romney's pre-presidential prescription
for whisking us all away from the many conflicting,
complex and almost intractable difficulties ailing us:

(1) Get government off our backs and Mr. Obama out of
office! (-No reasonable specifics offered.)

(2) Private enterprise creates all the jobs! (Which
ones are those, Mitt? If we leave everything up to
you, no roads or rails will be built or repaired
here, just like in--oh, no! Third World countries.)

I could go on, but for now, just one more thought:
America's not the only thing in decline.


  1. Please, media, stop droning on repeatedly about "team" this and that. I just saw a PSA which read, "Team Earth". There is no such thing: those comprising a team have agreed to be on it, not forced into lockstep like in North Korea. As to the Earth, attempting to herd billions of contrary cats is what those who would unify us are up against.

    But for good or ill, "Spaceship Earth" is still highly accurate/relevant.

  2. Romney is a true conservative and therein lies his dangerousness in a time of economic recession. He is as certain to win the nomination for the Reps as Obama is to beat him, despite his considerable debating abilities.

    1. Tony, which of these two has the considerable debating ability? I was a winning debater back in a Texas high school. The rules of debate were a LOT
      tougher to comply with, and our teachers/proctors were a lot tougher on us as well, in the late '50s.

  3. Tony, with all due respect, a true conservative could give a rat's ass who marries whom and, in my reasoned opinion, you are woefully underestimating the intolerance of the Fundies regarding Mormonism.

    As Elmer Fudd would say, "Womney wubs me the wong way."