Monday, October 22, 2012

Franz Liszt's "Obligations of Genius", Obama and Romney

2012: a year in an era where what should be obvious as moral
failures or inadequacies instead are described, detailed in
shrouding specifics and obfuscating outrage. The myopic
confusion of today has not always and everywhere obtained;
some have had the requisite clarity to see beyond self. Such a
man died in 1886, after a life dedicated to what he called
"The obligations of genius" in a letter to one of his patrons.

When the Danube flooded, leaving many homeless, he donated
a large amount of his personal fortune earned as a virtuoso pianist
to the bereft. He invented the master class, his pupils coming from
far and wide, from England to Russia, giving these classes for
FREE. Liszt spent many hours tirelessly promoting the works of
fellow composers, defending some under attack. With
Mendelssohn, he combed Europe for forgotten scores by Bach,
founding the Bach Gesellschaft; without this effort we wouldn't
be able to enjoy Bach today.

Tonight is the final debate between Obama and Romney. Have
any of their statements reflected  realization of  the  immoral basis
for the  Great Recession of 2007--?  Caring for one and all is
one of the obligations of genius; perhaps that's what it takes,
actual genius, to see it, to feel it. Today is also Franz Liszt's
201st birthday...what an appropriate time to show such caring
at home and abroad.

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