Thursday, October 10, 2013

In-Ayn Rand Rules Parts of the South, to Its Detriment (and ours)

Willful, occasionally criminal, stupidity rules large swaths of our
nation, particularly in poorer southern states. Worship in the
Ayn Rand cult conveniently cloaks selfish disregard of others
in a pseudo intellectual guise of "productivity", " high-ideal
individualism," etc. Much of this has segued into the Tea Party,
many members of which claim to be Christians. It is not
rationally possible to be a true Randian, atheistic acolyte and a
practicing Christian--the philosophies are diametrically
opposed to each other.  How do these people reconcile
this seemingly insoluble paradox? They don't; they just
let it hang there in the ether, ranting Randian "Objectivism".

Now, down to October 10th, 2013,  as we are suspended
in the era of Sequestration (incorrectly used, according to
Oxford, et al.) partial government shutdown, a possible
looming default, the first in U.S. history, with world-reeling
consequences: some super patriots smugly deny, dismiss such an
eventuality, even say, "bring it on". Obtuse and uncharitable, when
disaster comes to their state or town, they won't  be too
ashamed to demand help from--the government, yes, that
Great Satan in their parochial view of economics. [What's logic
got to do with it?  Logic, a second-hand emotion....]

In-Ayn Rand must be delighted about now; never mind
if a whole nation falls down the rabbit hole, people are
actually following, even venerating her. But her ideological
victory is doomed to be short-lived, if history is any guide.
Inane and insane, her subjective emphasis completely
ignores human reality. We are individuals, yes, but
are of the herd as well--that's how we evolved over
six million years of history, forming families and hunter-
gatherer groups, then entire societies.

Let's not aspire to all or nothing philosophies. We can't
progress with narrow right-wing anti-government rhetoric,
nor nanny state soak the rich ideologies. We're all in this 
together, despite newborn shrill southern secession movements.

Let reason ring, along with freedom, in the North, South,
East and West--that would be best.


  1. Well written and communicated as usual Lady Amber.

    I have several family members and friends that WENT TO VARIOUS AREAS OF THE LAND OF DIXIE. Many have moved else where or want to come back to Chicago or to the Chicago area. Lets just say economically, SOCIALLY,spiritually IN MANY in ALL ways The LAND OF DIXIE no matter what state to chose to move to they discovered the truths and exposed the DIXIE LAND myths quickly. My LATE GREAT PARENTS HAD NO DESIRE to EVER return to their BIRTH STATE MISSISSIPPI! Dad often BLUNTLY expressed that. So I totally understand your points here.

    Our ( OUR? ) GOVERNMENT is supposed to be , by and for WE THE PEOPLE. Then again it is not supposed to be in the seventies weather wise. Very unusual times we are in. Thanks for more truth and have a great day.

    Oh TELL THEM IN THE SOUTH SOME BODY THE CIVIL WAR IS OVER!? PLEASE!? Many I meat from there ALL RACES seem to not know or want to accept that fact.

    Lady Amber you could even some day write about THE MANY COUNTRIES, CULTURES, CLIQUES, MIND SETS, in America.

  2. Oh as Peter Faulk as Columbo used to say ( just one more thing. ) No harm meant against any one born, raised, or living moved to southern states. I AM NOT WITH THE every body club. I realize EVERY ONE is not the same.

    No harm meant toward people from other countries nor toward the I feel FEW good politicians out here.

    1. I agree that everywhere (even in the South) we can find good people, but there aren't enough of them, so evil does often succeed. As member of Parliament Sir Edmund Burke said in the 1700s: "All that is required for evil to succeed in the world is for enough good men to do nothing". Like the new name and photo!

  3. AMEN! to that. Oh thank you Lady Amber.I went on over to google since google seems to be gobbling blogger up any way. That is my google name and photo.