Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Extreme Errors: All Across America

The last few weeks, from September to October first, 2013,
have shown little more than a litany of errors from officials in
DC, shutting down (by intransigent posturing) parts of the
federal government, sending ~800 thousand workers on
furlough without pay, among other outrages.  A pointed
critique goes out to overly-leftie democrats AND right-wing
nuthatches on the republican side of the aisle. But this debacle
is merely Part One...

Part Two: They had better do something to raise the United
States' debt ceiling well before October 14th, a trigger date
before the much-publicized October 17th deadline. America's
much-vaunted "Full Faith and Credit" will be (if it isn't already)
in jeopardy. Certain talking heads warn that without prompt
borrowing authority, a new global financial crisis looms,
caused by a default on U.S. Treasury bonds, which ultimately
underpin our entire system, respected, relied upon around
the world--until now.

Let's go back to September, when 13 people were shot at a
troubled Chicago South Side neighborhood park. Friends and
families were still at the park at 10:15 p.m., including the
three-year old who was shot in the face. Didn't these "innocent"
adults understand the circumstances which sadly obtain where
they live? Or is denial relied upon, to their detriment? Why
would this mother take her three year old to a park in reputed
gang territory and still be there at 10:15 p.m.?  I hope she didn't
feel "there's strength in numbers", because only one person
packed an AK-47, and he was no friend of hers, or the other
twelve shooting victims...none of which were killed, miraculously.

Poor people in dangerous areas must work smarter to survive.
Parks anywhere aren't bastions of safety well after 9 p.m., so
being indoors late at night is one hell of a good idea in these
chaotic and gun-crazy times, no matter how splendid the
weather is. Extreme errors also happen locally, in smaller
spheres, as this one incident demonstrates.

As to Part One and Part Two, extreme errors in DC will
cause some of  these "stand your ground" politicians to risk
their high positions come voting time. The average American,
while not brilliant, still appreciates who isn't working in the
public interest--and that same public will make them pay,
probably sooner than later.  Ask the nineties' Newt Gingrich,
who "rode upon the high places" until an election in Congress
trimmed his sails...people began to see that his "Contract with
America" seemed  more like a contract ON America.

All across America, dangerous, heedless  stupidity is now
the order of the day.


  1. You hit the nail right on the head again dear Lady Amber!
    Another ERROR will be if many AMERICAN PEOPLE or should I say AMERICAN SHEEPLE choose to vote these same selfish controllers RIGHT BACK INTO their positions.

    NO MATTER what their party THE OUT OF CONTROL republicans and the others that I feel are many are in bed with one another on many issues secretly.

    I have never drank( Tried a few teaspoons of wine at 19 hated it. Never smoked. I never used dope , OH EXCUSE PLEASE FOR THE POLITICALLY CORRECT ONES DRUGS. I know several people that have successfully ( THANK GOD! ) been recovered from , DRUGS, ALCOHOL, DEEP NEGATIVE/SAD thinking FOR nearly 20 years now. What they all said is THEY HAD TO HIT ROCK BOTTOM IN EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES! Many came close to loosing their spouses, jobs, etc, etc, EVEN ALMOST DIED! THEY HAD TO AND DID REALIZE they had a problem and they had to DECIDE to make the effort to change for the better. One close kins man ( AN IN LAW/ BROTHER IN CHRIST ) always says there is a saying in all recovery programs ( IT WILL WORK IF YOU WORK IT AND IT WON'T IF YOU DON'T! KEEP IT UP AND KEEP COMING BACK!! )

    When it comes to THE CONFUSION of our nation, cities, world, lives etc, etc, Lady Amber I deeply feel more individuals must DECIDE to MAKE AN EFFORT TO BRING ABOUT A BETTER LIFE for us all. One grain of rice dropped on the floor each day of the year and you will have a lot of rice on day 365. God I feel( LORD I DID NOT WANT TO WRITE A BLOG on dear Lady Amber's blog but I have to go with it and DROP IT LIKE IT IS HOT! ) THERE ARE MORE SO CALLED LITTLE PEOPLE THAN THERE ARE OF THE OOOO MEOW, HUH EH O SEXY HITLER LIKE ELITE! If and or when these sleeping giants STOP fighting ( SEXISM, RACISM, REGIONALISM, ETC, ETC ) and Unite, Wel you get the message , enough said.

    Again, Thank you Dear Lady Amber. God bless you! Have a lovely day! Keep telling it like it is even if some get angry and start stripping off their clothes ( What lottle many choose to wear .)

  2. For the most part, I agree with your latest post, Amber. But as far as I can tell, no one on the left, at least among public office-holders, has made the slightest attempt to sabotage government operations.

    Many of us do lament the lack of single-payer health care, but still support the Affordable Care Act. In regard to the debt ceiling, let's hope that a default doesn't happen. Back in 2011, the threat of a default caused our credit rating to drop, resulting in the imposition of higher interest rates for borrowing: several billion dollars higher! On the other hand, raising the debt ceiling would cost us nothing.