Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"The Most Transparent Administration"? Not About the Healthcare Glitches

If  The White House has not invited experts from MIT or
The University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana to create and/or
fix the software for the public exchanges sign-ons, I
STRONGLY suggest they do this IMMEDIATELY.
I think  "experts" from other places, like Georgia Tech,
simply aren't up to the required complexity. But these two
institutions are well-known internationally to be so...

Then there is the matter of "scaling up" (-from software
capable of handling hundreds or thousands of  sign-ons to
literally millions.) This is one of obvious glitch sources here,
not so easy to do accurately as some science documentaries
lead viewers to believe. That probably explains why Mr. Obama's
"first successful sign-up", (a Ms. Baker, who needed 11 hours and
seven tries to get it done, per CBS) was brought to the White House
in a shop-worn human-interest aspect of his attempted apologia
maxima, while NOT revealing the names and credentials (c.v.s)
of the people on his original Obamacare software start-up team.
Mr. Obama never actually said he was sorry, only merely mad; he
CANNOT possibly be as upset as those thwarted in trying to get
the healthcare they really need.

Memo to the White House: You must provide this information.
No plausible deniability for these folks--or YOU in the inner circle.
Mr. Obama, your easy-going manner does not serve well here,
i.e., "act natural, act casual", etc. Be more forthcoming, take
personal responsibility, state the expert team's qualifications.

You can kiss your transparency braggadocio goodbye if you
don't...and do call MIT. 


  1. Fell asleep earlier.Woke up, Having trouble getting back to sleep. Great blog Lady A. Maybe they should call Jessie Ventura. Seriously. Have a great day.

    Of course they will not call him or any one else.

    1. Mr. N., It's all of us adjusting to the new season; I'm pretty sure fatigue between the season lasts about two to three weeks, different for different people. By November you'll regain your energy, I bet.

  2. Thanks I hope so. We all Puppy too were un able to sleep. It may be The politics in our land right now to.Oh My computer IS IN MY LIVING area. So accountability is intact.No computer in bed room. Never any Sites viewed I would need to confess on.

    Any one ever have time look up Alex Jones. Also Robert X. Professor Grif. Jessie Ventura. All are eye openers.

    Thank you Lady Amber. Happy Autumn, A M A P be happy, Be Amber!

  3. Like I've always said, the single-payer option would have been so much less complicated. That said, Obamacare's certainly an improvement over what we had --- or actually, didn't have.

    Still, it's unfortunate that the policy planners didn't have the foresight to "scale up" ahead of time. Agreed that Obama' s approach to the issue should not be a display of anger, no matter how empathetic.

    Maybe it really IS time for the president to eat a li'l crow, call in the experts and announce his intent to do so.

  4. Like it or not IT IS THE LAW. I wonder what other RADICAL actions Many politicians have in store for us? Shutting down the government was a H-LL of a thing to do! WHAT'S NEXT? Are there SOME LAWS I -E CIVIL rights law MANY POLS do not like they want to OVER THROW? Just food for thought here. Wake up AMERICAN people our BUTTS are burning along with what money we have left and the coffee.

  5. This week PBS interviewed Jonathon Gruber OF MIT, actually one of "many minds" contributing to the creation of the ACA's software. He was young, faintly arrogant, and seemed to regard the glitches as no biggie. Oh MIT, not you too! (Where has all the excellence gone?)

  6. One thing we have to all remember Lady Amber the people that help MANIFEST the quagmires in our state and fed agencies do not have to deal with it as we do. They do not care.I did not see that interview however that young buck sounds like many politicians( AND CONDO board members ) choose to become after they are elected. The good ones are out here they are so frustrated and do not want to get caught up in the increasing nonsense.