Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Super Power or Super Problem? Any U.S. Default Deters World Growth

...and I don't mean population. It seems as if  humans can
procreate in the direst of circumstances, yet solving urgent
political/financial  impasses often seems quite beyond us.
Once again, due to ignorant intransigence, ego, and an
eye toward imagined political gain, we are at the eleventh
hour, with little will in a small but powerful pocket of
Congress to do the right thing. Yet this particular precipice is
of an unknown, likely world-wide catastrophic quantity--
because the planet's nations have believed in a tenuous
thing known as "the full faith and credit" of the United
States, our treasury bonds behind the entire world's
currency, our never having defaulted status. 

That small, standing their ground defiant pocket in the
U.S. House, AKA the Tea Party, may well spiral us
all into a sovereign debt crisis. Deadbeat America,
where would your much-ballyhooed "exceptionalism"
and "super power" status be honored then?
Extraordinary, yes, but not in a praiseworthy way.
Few forgive avoidable harm; the rest of the world
WOULD take note, friend and foe alike. Heads up,
Tea Partiers--that applies internally as well, come
election, er, RE-election time.

Too bad there isn't a binding resolution to jail
such legislative offenders: a U.S. default deters
world growth, stability and peace.

Today's online Chicago Sun-Times explained
"the Hastert Rule", which former House Speaker
Hastert devised, implemented and institutionalized
(gee, all the way back to 2003, SUCH a historic
long-standing precedent!), to wit: No Speaker
sends a bill back to the Senate unless supported
by a majority of the majority--not just a house-
wide majority. If this isn't a nakedly, purely
political ploy, I don't know what is. Memo to
Boehner: Time to break the rule, buddy!
Especially in view of the fact that Mr. Hastert
was NOT a legendarily canny, statesman-like
Speaker in any event. Mr. B., your nation
and world are watching. 


  1. Another tell it as it is with a solution offered blog LADY Amber. Thank you. Well if and or when more than just A FEW people decide in this country to stop fighting each other, WAKE UP and get it together then and only then do I feel this evil, tragedy, and nonsense BUNK! in America will stop. A M A P have a great day and PRAY!!!!!

    1. Stay well and happy, Lester. There is much (other than political fighting) to be glad about. I'm going to try to remember that. Best, A.

  2. Thank goodness we didn't plunge over that precipice. And yep, the Hastert Rule finally did get breached.

    But as a nation, we're still $24 billion dollars poorer as a direct result of the shutdown. That bread could have lifted a lot of kids out of poverty.