Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is Nihilism Nigh, Worldwide?

So much murderous violence occurring simultaneously
suggests suicidal tremors in Earth's body politic:
desperation, need, jealousy, greed, inability to comprehend
or cooperate--the specter of nihilism grows ever larger,
just in time for Hallowe'en. Here at home, TV fiction
features characters routinely threatening to punch one
another in the face,  parroted by many of  the viewing faithful;
bullying among the  young, especially in schools, pushes
the vulnerably sensitive over the edge into ending their
lives, a boy and a girl just recently.

It looks likely that there isn't a cogent care for tomorrow,
next week or next year, the way the powerful AND the
ordinary are misbehaving.

If nihilism is nigh, that terrifies far more than vampires,
zombies and assorted ghouls...Happy Hallowe'en!


  1. No Lady Amber Nihilism is not nigh WE ARE ALREADY in the middle of it I fear.If it quacks it must be a duck. If it seems like Disney world it must be. If is seems like SODOM AND GOMORAH , well enough said.

    I feel with those ( Many , few, etc ) Civilized, thinking for them selves, still in control of their lives, morals, etc AND WITH GOD there is hope.

    I often expect to hear in these times ( BROTHER DO YOU HAVE A DIME TO SPARE? BROTHER DO YOU HAVE CONNECTIONS, OR A GUN!?)

    Never loose hope I feel.God help us.

  2. I'm with Lester, Amber. We've been in a nihilistic mode for goodly amount of time now. It doesn't help that we've been dominated by a political and corporate elite that threw us overboard about 30 years ago.

    There are a few bright spots, though. I have faith in some of the Millenials. Not all, but some. Maybe enough to make a difference once they start crafting public policy.

  3. Dan . The , Brainwashing by various areas of the media, dumming down of Children and others in America, The massive now open Occult spirit, and encouraged apathy have not helped either.Squelching most of our norals , etc.

    Great to see MORE Americans ALL RACES , both sexes, etc are WAKING UP and in a positive way taking action. Also more positive COMMUNICATION among people is encouraging. We have been DIVIDED and DEFEATED too long.