Thursday, July 17, 2014

Airlines Must Reroute Flights Over Conflict Areas

The surface-to-air missile murder of  Malaysia Airlines
Flight 17's jet passengers today near Donetsk in the
Ukraine killed over 290 souls innocent of violence
themselves. 17 was their unlucky final number.
It was an avoidable disaster...

Blame attaches to the airlines, even more than to
the Russians, the Ukrainians and the pro-Russian
rebels, for not rerouting the flight plan away from
this ongoing border dispute. That obviously didn't
occur to the officials of any airlines flying over
the area--but it should, as of NOW.

The three bad actors here, Russia, the rebel
faction and the Ukraine are not behaving in
a civilized or rational manner right now, so I
expect precious little from them. The airlines,
however, are a quite different matter; they are
a transportation industry, claiming that safety is
job one...hah! What they must do: standardize
safety measures which would include reroutes,
checked and adjusted DAILY, if need be.

Memo to anyone flying in the near future:
check the route your plane will be taking.
If it is over any area of conflict, change
your flight or even your plans. A truck-
mounted surface-to-air missile destroyed
a passenger plane at 33,000 feet in this
incident, reportedly.

Be savvy about your vacation plans--
and save your life. The airlines can't care
as you and I do...until the lawsuits start
rolling in. Perhaps a hefty suit will force
the airlines to be more attentive to areas
they fly over.


Post Script: the FAA has now issued a mandate
forbidding flights over conflict areas; they HAD
previously published warnings to the airlines.
Perhaps other nations will follow suit soon.


  1. Well stated Amber.

    How sad, tragic, hellish this incident is.Thoughts and prayers to and for the families and friends, etc of those people that were killed.

    I can not help fearing and feeling we will see more of this evil committed in other areas of the world. The plane that has never been found after all these months something similar may have happened to that flight. As I stated in my last comment on your last blog about the times I feel we all are living in.

    God help us! Live, love, etc but let us all be aware. Keep ourselves as safe as possible. Difficult to find words..Take care..

  2. I understand that the common language for all airborne communication is English. But apparently there's no international agency that is capable of, or has the authority to post general warnings specifying no-fly zones over regions in conflict.