Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brasil's "Confederados": You Left the U.S. for a Reason...

Because your ancestors lost our only Civil War, which killed
more military than any of our other engagements. You left the
U.S. because you couldn't accept the shame of losing, or
being required to set your slaves free...period. I had to sneer
suspiciously when watching the Vocativ video, where
hundreds of USA expats are shown wearing confederate-
era military uniforms and gowns, gala gatherings at their
home in Santa Barbara, Brasil, north of Sao Paulo. This
community claims it doesn't support slavery, sports three flags,
Brasil's, the U.S.' and the Confederacy's. They are proud of
their forbears' bravery and way of life, they say...a way of life
squarely built on slavery. Thousands of these poor losers
emigrated to Brasil, the last nation in the Western Hemisphere
to outlaw slavery, WHILE slavery was still legal there, in the
late l860s. So much for protestations about abhorring slavery...

The humane abolition of such a servile condition, accomplished
in l888 by Dom Pedro II, a forward-looking monarch who
established democratic institutions also abolished the Brasilian
monarchy while he was at it. It is ironic indeed that as Brasil
moved away from a less-than-civilized society, our less-than-
desirable citizens, not particularly interested in a way of life
promoting dignity for all, moved in.

One interviewee on Vocativ expressed a wish that the
U.S. could  accept them and their Confederate Flag...
nice try. Atavistic idiots in the Deep South keep raising
the outlawed flag (the Confederacy was NEVER a
nation, let's recall) only to shortly remove it from
public view by order of the LEGITIMATE
GOVERNMENT of the United States.

Examples like this bolster my opinion that the
past is never entirely gone, over, irrelevant.
Instead, it lingers, its effects much like a small
flame that can burst into a large conflagration
given favorable circumstances.

I fervently hope no circumstances occur which
would welcome these pathetic souls back to the
USA with open arms.


  1. Oh my! You nailed it right on the head again Lady Amber!

    Well. When people no matter who they are or where they are from do not choose to learn lessons from the ( OR THEIR PERSONAL PAST) past they are destined to repeat them. I can see and feel it happening now in many ways.

    Take care have a nice day. Keep your eyes and ears open especially in these times I urge you all reading this to do.

  2. However faint the hope, Lester, I still think it's possible to mend our ways worldwide...very hard, but possible. Best wishes to you and yours.