Monday, July 21, 2014

Errors Explored and Reviled: Air Travel Atrocities Astonish, Continue

--For Pete's Sake! For John, Mary and Dave's sake too...
CBS Network News this a.m. exposed yet another instance
of airline toffs with their heads in their behinds: Malaysian
Airlines, usually using a flight plan that takes their planes over
the Ukraine/Russian border, decided to reroute their planes
--this time, over SYRIA. WHAT...??

The June 2014 issue of Scientific American published a very
interesting, and telling, article explaining the psychodynamics
of Ponzi schemes, which go back centuries, sadly. A fairly
new discipline, behavioral economics, had to be developed
to explain humanity's contrary and irrational actions with
respect to money.  Following the money in this airline's case
proves the irrationality of plans emanating from the highest
corporate tiers--how else can anyone explain jumping from
the frying pan into the fire, route-wise, from the Ukraine
border to Syria?

Meanwhile, Malaysian Airlines was teetering on the
edge of bankruptcy before their two doomed flights
in the last six months. Poor management is evident in
their  CEO's thinking as announced a few days back,
at his press conference. The best outcome here is
that MA is bought out by better entities, better in
the safety, financial and plain good sense categories.

It's time to delve into Behavioral Economics, deep
enough to devise improved strategies for our actions
at home and abroad. Until then, air travel atrocities
will continue to astonish--to say nothing of the myriad
other sorts of illogical, harmful ways we behave.


  1. Lady Amber. You exposed a few things here yourself. Thank you.

    Thousands of tell all books could be written about CORPORATIONS. I have seen and felt OFTEN what happens when independent companies ARE GOBBLED up by corporations. CORPORATIONS CAN PLAY VERY MEAN AND DIRTY. I HAVE FELT IT in the past.

    Often when I see a blimp ( THEY ARE NOT JUST GOOD YEAR blimps any more but various companies own them now it seems. In the sky it sort of excites me .Makes you feel good. We wave Often a message is flashed on the electronic board I can see with my scop, binocs, etc. How ironic that and HIGH SPEED TRAIN is how many of us all over the world were meant to travel. High speed ships! But some BRIGHT?, people filled the air ships with highly flammable gas. One infamous air ship exploded over New jersey I believe in the nineteen thirties. Another in Chicago over the south loop I believ I have read( IN BOOKS MAGAZINES , NOT JUST ON THE NET) in the nineteen twenties. The rest is history. The titanic and other ships had the same effect I feel on BIG HIGH SPEED UN SINKABLE?( HUH!!!) SHIPS.

    Now two air planes from the same near defunct company met a tragic end. One a missile blasted it. Another we may never know what evil deed sent it to it;s demise. ALL THE SOULS, HUMAN BEINGS, CREATIONS OF GOD WHO WERE HORRIBLY KILLED!


    Oh EVERY ONE excuse me, LETS WAKE UP! THE RUSSIAN BEAR WAS NOT SLEEPING! IT WAS JUST PLAYING POSSUM !! Other regions I feel are doing the same. Get the message? God bless. Have a great day. Keep your eyes , ears open and all your whitts about you in these times!

  2. Regarding safe travel I hope this helps a little. Lady Amber I hope this link is ok with you.