Saturday, July 5, 2014

Can't Players Win Matches Without Violence? Foul Doings, Indeed

The World Cup team player from Colombia
(-THE correct spelling, gringos!) had to go ugly by
kneeing Brasil's (-ALSO correctly spelled) Neymar
in the back, sending him to a hospital in Fortaleza, with
an alleged broken back bone (but not the whole back,
thankfully). What has happened to the sports world's
skill sets AND attitudes?? Nothing good, bet on it.

Basketball, Soccer and other SUPPOSEDLY non-
contact sports have ratcheted up the violence in the
past few decades, which has sharply detracted from
the thrill of these contests; not by skill alone are games
won these days. Why must players take it for
granted that they will be seriously hurt, sooner or
later, if their careers last very long?--UNacceptable.

Since I played varsity basketball in Texas in the
late '50s (a guard with a reliable right layup shot), I can
speak to basketball's "evolution" as an almost completely
non-contact proposition to one where intentional fouls
are important aspects of strategy. --UGH!

I have no interest in Western Society's returning to
the days of Ancient Rome. Let's NOT employ
vicious gladiators, out to maim. I want to see skill
absent the pain, period.

Are American sports fair or foul? Lack of sportsmanship
in contests equals foul doings, indeed.


  1. Lady Amber I am afraid in many ways we are returning to the days of the Roman empire ..Violence seems to be in ALL sports played by so called adults.

    As for FOOTE BALL as my right honorable over seas friends call it The commander! here has never been able to get totally into it. I do recall how many years ago when the USA women;s team won it all! I also recall Brandy Chastayne pulling off her jersey revealing her sports bra in the excitement of winning it all! YES I REMEMBER THAT WELL!Good ( I think ) the Lady that was wearing one took off her jersey. I was younger then hm hm. Well we can always watch the grass grow. No violence in that yet...

    1. Lester and Dan, thanks for reading this blog. Your comments are always appreciated. I'm at a different computer, which allows me to reply here. Best Wishes to you both!

    2. But it is still giving me grief, not sure why, so I can comment using the anonymous "profile" choice. Best, Amber

  2. Thanks Amber. I hope you get your computer problems sorted out. A quick tip all the computer manufacturers sell great useful refurbished machines. I had one for 6 years. Fifty bucks to one fifty id the average cost.Mr B Lady Di or one of the technical people at our BEDFORD FALLS library may be able tohlpe you resolve your computer problems.

  3. I dunno, Amber. There are times that I believe that Ancient Rome is still very much alive and well, especially in the realm of football --- except that no one any longer gets eaten. It's all about blood and raw guts! Yaaahhhh!