Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mayor Bloomberg: Memo Time! Your Tribal Penchant Is Showing

When it comes to Palestinian rocket fire, you think the airport
near Tel Aviv is perfectly safe, as a recent rocket fell "far away",
a  WHOLE MILE. Your allegiance to Israel and obvious lack
of science background are showing, even to the extent of putting
your life on the line...brave, but foolhardy. Yes indeed, El Al is
probably the safest airline on Earth, but that doesn't mean the
airport near Tel Aviv or planes landing or leaving there are
incontrovertibly safe, sadly. There are other aspects and factors
which can well trump whatever measures airlines and airports
can and do take.

RE: your lack of physics acumen astonishes anyone who does
possess it. When rockets and airplanes are parts of a logistics
(vector) equation, a mile is nothing, really, whether it's a
horizontal or vertical distance. --Come on! Don't billionaires
browse sci pubs at the odd moment?  Who would want to
be out of touch with at least 90 years of worldwide applied
physics? Once we had engine powered boats and trains, etc.,
we entered the modern age. Mr. Mayor, I urge you to join the
rest of us in boning up on airplane flight, an important part of
applied physics.

You are/were the head of a large publishing empire--
surely some of the publications deal with the sciences?
(checking the short list yields Businessweek, a title which
does deal with areas of sci/tech.)  Study more, please,
proclaim less.

P.S.:  It is fine to be true to your tribe, but not at
the risk of sounding silly or courting danger.
Persuading others to take unnecessary chances
is ignorant immorality indeed.


  1. Dear Lady Amber.

    In these times of many allowing them selves to be made into zombees, robots, sex pots, puppets, etc. When so many are behaving like they are in the movie valley of the dolls all the time, How refreshing to see a smart, lovely, talented, mademoiselle like your self TELLING IT LIKE IT IS AND NOT SUGAR COATING IT!

    This blog was a 200 gallon truck load full of raw truth! I hope it does not choke them. Those this blog speak of believe me they or their people do and will read this truth. Thank you.

    Have a great week end .

  2. Thanks, Lester. Best wishes to you and yours.

  3. You are welcome. Thank you. All the best to you Lady Amber.LIVE, LOVE, LEARN , but keep your eyes open in these times...

  4. Mike Bloomberg's bravado aside, El Al may have a great track record for safety, but remaining airborne despite the danger posed by rockets seems awfully foolhardy. While it's true that the vast majority of Hamas rockets get neutralized by Israel's Iron Dome defense network, one occasionally does get through. I don't believe that Hamas has the ability to actually target an aircraft, but they've proven that they can occasionally drop a rocket close by the Ben-Gurion Airport. There is the risk of an airliner getting hit, even if it's remote.

  5. Dan. I feel it is fair to say El Al big wigs DO NAO nor WILL NOT fly out of that air port....