Monday, February 23, 2015

Really, Rudy, Run Away, Already...

In  todays' (02/23/'15) online paper, the Chicago Sun-Times'
follow up piece re: reckless Rudy Giuliani's mind-reading
remarks about Mr. Obama's dark anti-American motivations,
he states what the paper deems "obvious"--Rudy admits
he can't read minds or hearts. (--Really?)

If all that is supposed to be patently obvious WAS
indeed so, the whole world would be better off than
it is.  Of course Mr. Giuliani was, arrogantly and
presumptuously, attempting to assure one and all
that he is indeed fully prescient, just because he rose
to the occasion during 911 in NYC.

Giuliani's reasoning, regarding his defense in denying
any racist proclivities, invoking Mr. Obama's background
rather than his own, is laughably upsetting in the extreme.
He really does do better on those LifeLock commercials,
where I believe he has at last discovered his proper niche.

Please, pretty please, Mr. G--really, Rudy, run away,
already. You are an illogical embarrassment to
Republicans, Americans anywhere, and anyone
who holds office.


  1. So many in that CABAL, aka politcal party are a bunch I feel of, MORONS, Tyrants, thugs, Screw ups. That is the nice comments I have about them and others.

  2. I'm beginning to wonder if Rudy is really an anomaly among the Republicans these days. Anti-union and anti-educational governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, insists that he can handle terrorists because he's shown that he's not afraid of 100,000 demonstrators. Practically-anointed presidential candidate Jeb "Not-Conservative-Enough" Bush has appointed Paul Wolfowitz as a foreign-policy advisor. (He's often reputed to be "The Smart Bush" simply because he can cobble a simple sentence together without veering into a rhetorical ditch.

    Rudy an embarrassment to the Republicans? Naah! The Republicans are an embarrassment to the US political universe (with very few exceptions).

  3. Dan. Often these republicans OR PLUBLICANS as Governor Jessee Ventura call them(ALSO NOT JUST REPUBLICANS EITHER ) act like THE ELITE! THE NEW WORLD ORDER bunch..

    If it quacks like a duck, Walks like a duck, Hmmmmm?

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