Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our USA Today: A Lawless Land in a Silly Season

People like Sen. Ted Cruz and Kentucky Clerk  Kim Davis
want what they want, when they want it, never mind how unjust
and/or illegal their wants are--to Hell with the U.S. Constitution,
so to speak (these two don't dare to state such an absurd
action as allowable, yet they clearly imply deep disrespect
of the highest law of our land).

Ol' Ted in his quest for the presidency in 2016 defies Article II,
Section 1., Paragraph Five, which plainly disqualifies him, as he
is Canadian born. "Little" Miss Kim has denied marriage licenses
to gay couples, citing "a higher authority". The Supreme Court,
the highest authority on the highest law of the land, granted gays
equal marriage rights across the U.S. The Holy Bible, King James,
does not forbid gays from marrying; it does disapprove of
homosexuality, an admonishment not repeated very frequently
at all throughout both Old and New Testaments, but many other
concerns about man's inhumanity to man are repeated and
abjured often throughout the Good Book. (I possess five Bibles,
have read my King James FIVE TIMES, certain sections again
and again, so I am in a good position to refute White "Little" Kim.) 
She should obey the law or step down, as her elected position
represents the God-fearing and any Agnostics or Atheists as well.

--As to the Silly Season? We have Donald Trump and
Kanye West, not to mention many unsuitable others,
angling for the top job in the U.S. Entertaining egos
these are, but we need real effort and expertise to
run the largest economy in the world, the fourth
largest country on Earth, a nation with involvements
in almost all of the 200+ other countries, etc., etc.

A dose of doubt and a splash of cold water are long
overdue--perhaps the advent of Fall will extinguish
this lawless, silly season.


  1. Yes. That southern clerk may as well just resign and step down.The law is the law. I willl not mention the history of some of our laws, Well ok I will. The dread scott law. The laws that were all acros America as it was way back in the day that referred to, slaves, servants, domestic help( Slaves by a different name) women, children as CHATTLE..

    Oh IS BOZO the clown running? Well maybe he already is come to think about it..Will a stripper run next. Mr West. How ironic. He recorded ( Aint sayin shes a gold digger) Then married one...I wonder what is his platform? What is he running on other than empty? Sorry..

    The state of ILL INOIS has no budget still. Every one and his cousin seem to be running for our top office.Would some one please wake me THE COMMANDER! up? This night ma!Oh you say this is reality? GOD HELP US! Is bull Winkle and Rocke J squirrel still around? They may want to run for president as well..

  2. Lester, I agree with what you say here. For even more frightening reading, see A People's History Of The Supreme Court by Peter H. Irons (in paperback and at libraries). He dissects Dred Scott et al. Call me when this world wakes up...nevermind, I'll be long gone by then. Best Wishes!

    1. Thanks for the book suggestion.

      Though too may are in a state of ZOMBEE Amber I feel a world wide catastrophy or WORLD WAR wold wake many up!We all may still be here for either or both. Great day Be happy and wonderful! A M A P.