Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our Broken System: Foxes Guarding Henhouses Must Go

There are so many flaws in our multi-varied legal/official
systems--which to attack today? Let's start with start with
officials in DC and NY who are their own oversight; how does
that serve anyone other than these authorities themselves?
"Trust me" will never work: there have been far too many
scandals and incompetencies for "trust, then verify" to be
accepted across the board.  Really, reverse it--verify,
THEN trust.

Hillary Clinton and Jamie Dimon are two prime examples which
come to mind here. Ms. Clinton and her infamous, private email
servers during her stint as Secretary of State, and Mr. Dimon,
who serves on the NY Fed while helming Chase Manhattan
Bank. I can't believe either of these two, as Hillary has been
shown in recent weeks to have had four classified documents
out of 40 reviewed--many more, thousands more, to go. Jamie's
two hats need not require documents as smoking guns; the NY
Fed presumably polices NY banks, Mr. D. runs the largest
one there...

Yep, that's just what we need, to continue the hot mess the
USA currently enjoys--foxes guarding the henhouses.

When will we work smarter, eliminate RHIP from the
significant positions in government and elsewhere?

In my lifetime, possibly, please....


  1. Jamie D makes my skin crawl and vexes my spirit! Mrs cli ton well I feel about the same when I hear her name. Well stated Amber!

    Maybe when rare things happen. LIKE THE CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES! Hey is this the year!? Maybe More of the AMERICAN PEOPLE will come out of their various states of stupor, zombeeism, not have to get back in their coffins before dawn, WAKE UP THROW THESE BUMS OUT!! Lets start in Springfield Illinois .

  2. One more thing Amber. I am sorry and do not know why it happened( I signed in and am still signed in here , I also tried re posting my comment twice but ANONYMOUS as my ID kept coming up, Just as I notice a multiple post comment will appear when only one comment was posted. Have a lovely day. LESTER N

    1. No worries, Lester. Enjoy our beautiful Fall weather, my best to you and yours.