Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"This Country Doesn't Deserve Scott Walker", A Passionate Panelist Proclaims on CNN

An unintentional gaffe by a Walker supporter on a panel in
Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room (09/21/2015, CNN) has
largely been overlooked by most media. Inspirationally
ironic, it actually can be read two ways, each opposing the
other in meaning. After laughing, I seconded the idea
that America is better off without a Scott Walker
presidency in 2016 (or any other year). Some of the
other panelists' facial expressions hearing this passionate
declaration were priceless.

The young woman, whose name escapes me, defended
a governor who never finished college, who by some
accounts has contradicted himself several times on the
same issues in the past seven days (similar to Trump),
who wants to turn back the clock marking humane
progress and abolish all unions, etc. He and Trump
do manage to energize ignorant, disaffected right-wing
extremists, while offering NOTHING constructive in the
way of solving our nation's many seemingly intractable

But why should they be any different than the remaining
Republican field? Bit by bit these candidates will fret their
little hour upon the stage, full of sound and fury (apologies
to Shakespeare here), then fade into some obscurity as
polls, however limited in scope and accuracy they may be,
continue to drive us inexorably toward a narrowed field
in time for the Republican Primary in 2016.

My desire was (and is) that a moderate republican
would be pitted against a moderate democrat in
the 2016 General Election for President. I seem to
see a tall ship sailing into the distance disappearing
into the horizon with my now forlorn hopes.

What, exactly, does our nation deserve in the way
of effective leadership?  Stay tuned, if only for more
episodes of gaffes and gallows humor.


  1. Amber. It seems to me as if BOTH parties have far too many candidates running right now. I feel by January it will be down to two or three in each party.

    The PICKINS are slim in both party I feel. The third or alternative party idea is unrealistic in this country for now and in the distant future I feel.

    I find it ironic many I talk to feel that Mr Trump is a great candidate because he is a successful FILTHY RICH , LOADED( I am repeating their comments) man.

    Weel. That describes Illinois current governor..That is all I will say on that. Yes mam. Stay tuned. Have a great day every one. Keep your eyes open..

  2. One thing is certain. The Republicans will not nominate a moderate for the highest office in the land. There ARE no moderates among the Republican candidates. In fact, there are precious few, if any, still serving in Congress.

    The few moderate Republicans who recently held public offices no longer do. Former Maine Senator Olympia Snowe retired owing to her often-stated disgust with her party's right-wing rigidity. Indiana's Senator Richard Lugar lost the 2012 primary to a Tea Partier. Incidentally, the Honorable Mr. L, having been well-schooled in foreign relations, recently expressed his support for the Iran agreement. So did Colin Powell. None of them is any longer in office.

    On the other hand, our own junior Senator, Mark Kirk, often perceived as a moderate because he's pro-choice, was one of the most strident voices among Republicans hell-bent on scuttling the Iran agreement.

    Just sayin'.

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