Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The USA: More Stupidity, Superstition and Suspicion Than Sense, September 2015

I can't decide whether to laugh, cry, or fling myself out of
my third story window, so I'll rant righteously instead:

o  A U.S. congressman nabs Pope Francis' still filled water
glass, drinks out of it, shares with his BFFs, and plans to bless
others with it. (?? Congressman Brady, if a Catholic, doesn't
deal from the Catechism; instead, he has his own brand of religion.
Who is he to pass on any blessing as a rep of the Pope? Generally
one must be a priest to so represent. One can always bless
someone or something on their own recognizance, not
anybody else's.--Whew!

o  Rush Limbaugh doesn't believe the latest scientific
evidence confirming running water on Mars--but that's
not all. He posits this exciting news is actually a leftist
plot! (Oh brother, father, sister, mother!)

o  Pastor John Agee claims the "Blood Moon"
(which was actually more a rusty red) signifies
the End of Days. OK, Pastor A., why didn't the
Earth "end" 33 years ago when the same conditions
occurred? (Bet ya can't comment with a witty riposte
to THAT one, can ya??)

No doubt there is much more superstitious, suspicious
stupidity out here, but I'll keep it short. The more examples
of such outrageous ignorance we see, the less it's possible
to believe the U.S. is still the greatest nation in the world.

But we still have the greatest number of functioning
nuclear bombs, so that must be the key criteria...

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  1. Great blog as usual Amber.

    I do feel WORLD WIDE we are , economically, socially, politically,emotionally, spiritually, in many ways at a cross roads. The direction we go and the choices we make we may be delighted, or we may be regretful.. Have a wonderful day.