Sunday, September 13, 2015

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Quest: Lessons--But Not Prescriptions--from the Extremes

Be sure to sharpen your pencils AND analysis on
Wednesday, September 16, when CNN hosts the
next Republican Debate; don't get caught napping,
DO expect Trump to be allowed any manner of
misbehavior, as Jeff Zucker, director of  the
proceedings, also helped launch Trump's TV
triumph, The Apprentice.

If it is objectivity you're after, you can forget it:
that ship sailed after 1988, when the League of
Women Voters declined to host the major party
debates, essentially announcing the fix was in, being
pressured in many ways by both the DNC and the
RNC--which now run the final debates for the
top prez prize. RE: Republican party control:
just peruse the GOP website, wherein you will
see what the women of the League predicted
would occur, way back in 1988. Beginning in
January, 2015, the "sanctioned debates" involve
RNC-approved locations, venues, forcing a more
conservative media presence, times of the debates,

--Are the Democrats any different? NO, might be
Candidate Mike O'Malley's putative guess; he has
blasted the DNC leadership for only sanctioning six
debates, just four of which will occur before the Iowa
Caucus (see the Washington Post, Aug. 28, 2015).
Former Gov. O'Malley made one mistake in this article,
however, saying that the Democrats had never done this
sort of  thing previously...alas, sir, the collusion between
the RNC and the DNC, that's right, in concert, goes back
to 1988, which is the principal reason the League backed
away--out of outraged principle.

So now we've witnessed the extreme of political control, to
the detriment of our public good. There are other extremes,
examination-worthy. The extremes of the Left are just as
unrealistic as the extremes of the Right, yet there are learn-
worthy lessons even here. What Mr. Sanders, an avowed
Socialist, dreams of, a federal $15 an hour minimum wage,
is neither practical OR just in 2015 America. The nation's
smallest businesses would close, scale back their employees
(re-read: fire plenty) and/or raise their prices. Those remaining,
already overworked, would  have even more tasks piled on.
But this demand has created an important lesson buried by this
movement: We'd better do as President Obama has endorsed,
enact a $10.10 an hour federal minimum wage, probably a
practical and just solution.

Trump, for all his rude Right-Wing "Republican" rants, has a
point about illegal immigration: look no further than today's
Middle-East/Europe refugee crisis, about which Europe, still
struggling after the Great Recession of 2007 (and counting), is
apparently singing songs from the same scores--"we must
control our borders". Sadly, I must agree. But the lesson I've
learned is that this dilemma of tragic proportions really should
be urgently prioritized  by the UN--IMMEDIATELY. Clear
the United Nation's agendas to deal exclusively with this world-
level crisis--now.

Let's watch these debates, overly orchestrated though
they may be, and take away whatever salient points may
be garnered. Let's then turn lessons into intelligent action,
making America better, if not number one, again.


  1. We have so many serious issues in our country and world. Many of our states I feel are in horrible shape in many ways. NO IT IS NOT PRESIDENT OBAMAS FUALT I feel.

    Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump. THIS IS THE BEST THOSE PARTIES HAVE TO OFFER? Independent parties I feel will not in the near, or distant future go any where. IF EVER. THESE two major CLIQUES aka POLITICAL parties I fear over time may be exposed to be similar in more ways than one. I believ Charlie Pride had that famous hit ( WHEN WE GET BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! )?

    Morally, ESPECIALLY MORALLY, POLITICALLY, ECONOMICALLY, SOCIALLY, SPIRIITUALLLY, IN EVERY WAY. i our world WE ARE SITTING ON A POWDER KEG! While many seem to walk around in a fog of some kind or maybe it is a spell they are under?

    Still life is good IT IS BETTER THAN DEATH AND HELL! Where there is life there is hope! IF MORE of us could get off, THE SEX THING, RACE THING, what ever thing and unite against our common enemies and problems what a much better nation and world we would be. Well I have said too much. Many have short attention spans now. I can not help wondering If any boxers, pro wrestlers, Male and female strippers, etc, etc will be running for president soon? GOD HELP US. A M A P people STAY FREE. Great blog Amber....

    1. Thanks for your insights and comments, "A. Nony Mous". You always have good points and funny ones. Dan T. has many studied ones as well. Best Wishes to you and yours.

  2. For the record. Not endorsing any of their parties but these are the only some what sane ones I see.Mr Huckaby. I could deal with him in the white house. Carly Fiorina. I could deal with her more in the oval office. I really LIKE Dr Ben Carson. Been following him for several years now.

  3. Your perspective on the recent history of formatting the debates is pretty much on the noggin, IMO. It's unfortunate, too. When the League of Women Voters moderated the debates, there was generally a modicum of civility and decorum within both parties, regardless of viewpoints.

    However, I must respectfully disagree with your portrayal of Bernie Sanders as an extremist. The only meaningful common thread between Bernie and The Donald is that neither candidate is beholden to wealthy benefactors. From where I sit, Trump's bigoted rhetoric and whacking disregard of legislative reality makes him an extremist.

    Sanders addresses the kitchen-table issues of interest and concern to most American households: economic security, health care, education, as well as Pentagon spending, even if the last-mentioned isn't generally a top-ranking concern.

    As yesterday's speech at Liberty University, a bastion of Christian conservatism has illustrated, he's willing to reach out to folks with opposing philosophies in search of common ground. Throughout his political career, he has a history of working across the aisle, often without a lot of fanfare. He's currently working with John McCain on a bill that would help veterans. The Donald, on the other hand, delights in trashing McCain's military record.

    In regard to Bernie self-identification as a socialist, I'm a tad leery of his having done so, just from a tactical perspective. While I can't read his mind, I'm thinking that maybe he regarded doing so as a teaching moment. Here's the context: From what I understand, Bernie's polling numbers are much more robust than he ever expected. Despite his declaration that he's in it to win (something any candidate is beholden to say), I really don't believe he ever expected to be a contender. In that context, there wouldn't be much risk in declaring himself publicly as a socialist.

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    1. Dan, I deleted the duplicate comment here. I didn't imply that the Donald and Bernie had anything in common other than certain extreme ideas--although that was a good point you made, about their lack of superpac donors. I agree Trump was wrong to criticize McCain's military record, the actual record, not the glorified "McCain led a daring escape out of North Vietnam" etc., which never happened. I don't dislike Bernie, like many of his positions. Some candidates now running ARE TOO OLD--that includes Bernie, Donald, Hillary. Then there's Rubio, too young and not as knowledgeable as he thinks he is. Last night's debates were interesting, particularly the first four, low in the polls candidates, who mostly stuck to facts, problems and issues. The 11 didn't distinguish themselves--except for Carly Fiorina, who was firm and fact-full. However, she is too "America First" aggressive for me. So far I still like O'Malley and Kasich. Almost all 17 made a few good points. More later, Best Wishes.