Saturday, October 10, 2015

Chicago: How Is Rahm Emanuel Much Different from Disgraced Barbara Bennett?

First, Mayor Emanuel:

If any reader likes/loves Chicago for all the intellectual,
cultural and scenic offerings it indeed possesses, perhaps
many of you have already experienced a "cringing moment"
while viewing the artistic renderings via media of the George
Lucas proposed lakefront museum. Here are more aspects
to make anyone cringe yet again:
(1) Chi's mayor has involved his Hollywood brother, super
agent Ari, in this pathetic project: Ari has a ten percent $$$
interest in it.
(2) The architectural renderings are as hideous as they are
unimaginative: the exteriors look like tents from Hell or outer
space, take your pick.
(3) This project is highly unnecessary: we have many fine
museums, even one dedicated to broadcasting. Hollywood
has massive and effective PR right now, why should Chicago
build this monstrosity, even if (purportedly) no tax monies
will fund it?
(4) Various pundits have wisely speculated that this is a
double nepotism/vanity attempt: It is an homage to Lucas'
prominent Chicago wife, as well as aforementioned Ari,
no angel even if he operates out of LA.
(5) FINALLY:  this "thing" trashes the Burham Plan,
which was wise, forever fine and truly visionary. But
then, we DO live in an ugly era of McMansions, etc. ...
which I earnestly hope is a passing phase.

Second, Barbara Bennett:

She is so like Rahm E, in insider deals and parceling
out funds and perks to family, it is utterly unsurprising
he had picked her to run the Chicago Public Schools.
B is probably less intelligent than E is, I suspect, as she
left an e-trail: even Bush II stopped emailing family after
being told how easily emails are hacked.

Next time I see/hear Chicago's Mayor at a press
conference, I'm only giving him a provisional
"maybe" re: his "truthiness". After all, the ghost of
Daley I surely still hovers over Chicago, with his
unapologetic, defiant statement that OF COURSE
he helped family--whatever's wrong with that??

Oh let me count the ways....


  1. Hit the nail on the head again as per usual Amber.

    Before moving to ( BEDFORD FALLS AMERICA!) REAL name of where I live not used for security and for the times we live in. I was a NATIVE Chicagoan. I lived there 31 years of my life. My self and other family members FINALLY had enough and it was time to go. As I tell many EVEN many of MY race BLACK, though many other cultures races are in my blood line. That may make some have chest pains in their legs , oh well..

    Amber I notice and continue to how many people in Chicago seem to put people in office , IN CHARGE or allow same that do not seem to care about them and are gradually PUSHING them out of the city. I see this all over AMERICA. the ELITEIZATION if I may make up a word and I just did the ELITEIZATION of our major urban areas is increasing all over America. I do not see a decrease in this trend any time soon. Chicago is in many ways a great city and has so much to offer, IT;S PEOPLE!! Neighborhoods! I fear most of our urban areas including Chicago the neighborhoods are being BULLDOZED and Conditions are such that many are being quickly DRIVEN OUT!

    The FEW areas If I had millions I would live in in Chicago or many major urban areas are small. I wonder if Chi town will be like New York in many ways in a few years.

    Much has is and will be written on the violence, killing in Chicago and other cities.Chicago a wonderful place to visit, HOWEVER you better know where you are going. A wrong turn down a wrong street.. I am sure you all getmy meaning. Areas where my family and I lived when we saw we could not work with others or had few who wanted a change WE LEFT BEFORE the GHETOIZATION deepened and completed. Ironically now those areas near the United center and on the far west side where my family decades before I was born and even some south side areas are REGENTRAFIED! $$$$$$$!!!! To live here now.OK!?

    WellI have said enough. lol.I got caried away. Not my blog here. Amber if, and or when enough people get sick and tired, HIT ROCK bottom of THE MESS, CORUPTION in Chicago, etc AND UNITE. That is when a positive change will take place in Chicago and other places if it is not too late.IT MAY BE later than we think and the FRENCH fries may be about to hit the fan all over America. God help us. HAPPY Columbus day....Enjo the wonderful people and moments in life.

  2. One more thing.I Too many people I feel try to please others they should not,Kiss up to cliques or DA OLD BOYZ, DON;T ROCK THE BOAT, go along to get along even when they know i it is wrong,ETC.More are followers when they could and know they should be leaders. So many follow funky thinking, living, etc. That I feel is another problem with many in Chicago and in our nation for that matter.