Monday, October 5, 2015

Doctors in Afghanistan: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

October 3rd, 2015: (Alledgedly) American airstrikes in Kunduz
killed 22 at a medical charity clinic, injuring many more, even
though the doctors there had warned the Afghans and Americans
they were coming close to their clinic's location, which the docs
described to them...well in advance.

Plain and simple: hubris married to incompetence caused this
tragedy. Stop bragging about surgical strikes, precise targeting,
etc. In this incident, patients perished, doctors died-- so much
for precision. Minimizing the horror, authorities term such an
event "collateral damage". --Hogwash! It's nothing more than
murderous stupidity, callously called something else.

Perhaps Doctors Without Borders should set boundaries
and limits--for themselves, go to places where their good
deeds AREN'T punished by death. The lives they save
will be their own.

[UPDATE: the survivors of the Kunduz airstrike have
left the bombed-out clinic, relocating to a safer area.]

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  1. Amber. At least it is nice to hear some good news about the survivors.

    As usual very well stated!

    Since this is not my blog I will not go full blast like I want. I will just say, WHAT A TRAGEDY ! How horrid, Unacceptable and a d shame! WRONG! WRONG! , WRONG! Down right stupid and evil to bomb and kill innocent people. I hope this is not swept under the rug like so much is in this ELITE, so called new world order( SOME OLD NON SENSE NEW WORLD DIS ORDER I feel) times. As they say WAR IS HELL! needless killing of those just doing all they can to help people IS CRIMINAL AND SIN!!