Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 28, 2015: No Candidate "Get Well" Prescriptions for Our Sick Society and Economy

Deutsche Welle reported tonight (October 29th) that U.S.
economists are surprised at the anemic 2015 Third Quarter
figures of a slim 1.5% overall growth rate. Why the surprise?
Our so-called recovery is really just what old authors used to
term a "creaming over" of an intractable reality. U.S. salaries
are mostly flat, with service jobs like social work requiring
degrees seldom realizing anything but modest pay gains even
after extra education is acquired.

Meanwhile, the October 28th Republican Debate hosted by
CNBC was a dismal failure in every sense of the word, with
only two candidate sentences hitting the mark, one by Ted
Cruz, the other by Chris Christie, both strongly suggesting we
get down to cases and deal with the economy here--which,
while previously promised, certainly did not occur last night,
with CNBC NOT putting serious, specific economic questions
...oh, they did ask about Fantasy Football, which occasioned
Gov. Christie's umbrage.

Otherwise, it was political theater as usual, the moderators
attacking the candidates, who fought back, but remained civil
to each other. CNBC attempted to restrain the presidential
hopefuls from raising  real issues; the candidates had to outshout
the panel in order to get their policies, views and concerns
broadcast. Unfortunately, I had to agree/applaud that tactic as
a necessity. The audience, as primitive as those back in Ancient
Rome being entertained at the Coliseum, roared their approval
at every outburst. Spectacle over substance, that is the average
American, apparently.

As to substantive, important issues which WERE actually raised by
the candidates if not by CNBC moderators:  Carly Fiorina  was
dead wrong when she stated categorically that tax reform has
been bruited about and ballyhooed for decades, but nary a reform
was ever enacted. Carly, go back to the Reagan/Tip O'Neil Tax
Reform Act of 1987, presaged earlier by tax acts in 1986 and
1982. These were bipartisan, successful reform efforts put into
law...--TSK! Carly, I take back the previous estimation I had of
you as being research-minded.

Where are the candidates' "Get Well" prescriptions for
our sick society and economy? Few found and none
now peeking over the horizon, I fear.

[P.S.: Every current presidential debate has included
at least one female blond moderator. Apparently this is
a requisite qualification. Why? To cynically attract male
viewers? The Oct. 28th CNBC blond moderator fulfilled
the dumb blond stereotype, asking a candidate where
SHE had read some pejorative fact about him. She
expected him to help her castigated HIM?  --Really??]

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  1. Great blog as usual Amber.

    I will just say this. I feel we all or more of us I feel need to realize who we are. we all need to more live out our lives. At the end of the day WE THE PEOPLE, This land and many places in the world are aledged to be for and by us. However it seems to me more each second DICTATORSHIP mentality and platforms are taking deep root all around us.

    Republican, democrat, DEMOGOGUE, what ever. I thank God have two functioning arms and a hand. one on my right one on my left, BOTH ATTACHED TO Lester N. There are fine politicians, donlt get me wrong, However NO MATTER what their party many it seems to me are in the same basket, OPEN and secretly. Have a great day and week end.