Friday, October 2, 2015

The Latest Carnage at a School: When Nimby Becomes Imby

A small town makes map fame for a sad tale of murder--yet
again. This time it's Roseburg, Oregon, at a college with a
student population of about 3,000. According to tonight's
NBC TV news report, (10/02/'15) nine people died
yesterday morning, including one professor. Initially, and
predictably, the death toll was exaggerated, breathlessly
broadcast to be 13, but local authorities released an accurate
list with photos;  the number is nine. The assassin died during
gunfire exchanged with police, but he managed to injure
between seven and nine others in addition to his kills. One
hero, a former soldier, managed to stop further fatalities
even while being shot himself; he is recuperating, his pix
showing a smiling survivor.

When Nimby (not in my backyard) becomes Imby (IN my
backyard), the reactions and statements are always amazed,
pained, predictable. "Nothing like this has happened in our
area before", etc. ... shock, sadness, but not awe.

Lester Holt quoted the CDC, saying there is one murder
every 16 minutes in America. Another report I saw last
night claims there have been 294 school shootings (not
killings) in the USA in the past eight months. What the
Hell is going on? YES, tragic and senseless violence is
part and parcel of human history, but something evil is
now afoot, accelerating, something that began with
Columbine and earlier, with the Unabomber.

The writings of these defective, murderous malcontents
generally equates to: "I'm alone, disrespected, marginalized--
I'll show 'em, I'll show 'em all... I'll kill a few people and
get on the news, in the papers, online...".  There is much
more to this horrific scenario than simple mental illness
married to the ridiculously easy availability of weaponry.

Our superficial society, with our envy of and wish for
celebrity, unwillingness to understand and accept the
vicissitudes which come to every life, lacking in studious-
ness--these all greatly create a climate of frustration, the
"ire in desire", if you will. Everyone is NOT equal: all are
not equally lucky, talented, agile, brilliant, beautiful,
innovative, inspiring, studied,  focused, ambitious or driven,
ad infinitum. It has been ever thus; these inequalities will
continue to exist. Unfortunately, we are all told all too often
that anyone/everyone can become the president, a quarterback,
a  sexy singer/dancer, a best-selling author, a guitar hero.
Sorry, S'ain't happening! Some will, most won't.

...But yes, do try. If you fail, at least you've tried; you'll
know where you're at. This is a good thing, because
you can conquer your disappointment by trying something
else. Eventually, you will find a good spot, as this is
indeed a nation famed for its second chances and
comeback "kids".

That's when the good "imby", success, occurs.

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  1. Well stated.

    my thoughts and prayers go out to the families, friends of the victims and to all in that community.

    God help us!