Monday, October 19, 2015

October, 2015: Stay Away from the Middle East, If You Value Your Life

I will never go to the Middle East, especially Israel,
especially since a stupid security guard mistook a man
from Eritrea for a terrorist, shot him, and the gathering
mob kicked him, after which (what a surprise) he died.

Tensions, shootings and stabbings are escalating between
Palestinians and  Israelis, to the point that it has become
largely irrelevant who started what incident. More people
have begun to whisper we are in the third Intifada; simply
speculating such a situation exists may make it so.

If I wish to see new places and visit others far from home
I'll go online or turn on television...chances are excellent I'll
avoid gun or knife violence.  If the tourist trade ever dries
up in these violent, exotic locales, perhaps money pressures
may drive these places toward stability--a slender hope at

If you value your life, and can avoid traveling to the
Middle East--any area between Egypt and Jordan,
well, wisdom is the better part of valor, the saying
sort of goes.

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  1. Well stated Amber! Hey even avoid places of violence in America and in ILLINOIS also .I ALWAYS do.Have a great day and happy autumn!