Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: U.S. Anti-Muslim Attacks Call for Shame: Emperor (Christian) Constantine Did Much Better--in 312 A.D. (-!)

--So shameful AND primitive many here have become. So many
calls for forbidding Muslims from entering the country coming
from our elected officials, who really should know better! The
absolutely most embarrassing moment for me came at three a.m.
this morning when I watched a PBS documentary called "From
Christ to Constantine".  After an important battle to decide
who would be the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire,
victorious Constantine created a Christianity-friendly state,
while tolerating every other religion including Paganism,
which was very strong there at the time--312 A.D. Historian
Eusebius, who knew Constantine, as well as Constantine's
many still-extant writings, confirm the tolerant and emancipated
nature of this great man, who was, yes,violent at times, imperfect,
yet a very fine intellect with a large heart.

Fast forward to 2015, soon to become 2016: too many of our
leaders do not have the wisdom and kindness of Emperor
Constantine back in 312 A.D.  I am ashamed of everyone
of you who espouse barring all Muslims from the USA...

Well, you can't. It isn't in your constitutional purview, as
immigration is a FEDERAL matter, ignoramuses! --As in,
our U.S. Congress and our President. Probably political
strutting is all this can really be, but these declamations
disturb the polity, including me. Our reputation's estimation
around the world surely has bottomed out to a new low.

In 2016, as in every past year, I will fight dangerous
errors and stupidities to the very best of my strength
and abilities. Happy New Year and Best Wishes
to all, notwithstanding all the Sturm und Drang.


  1. I often wonder Amber. What are our SO CALLED leaders gong to do or try to do about many in our country BORN AND RAISED here who for various reasons have all kinds of negativity in their hearts that manifests in evil, murder? Will they put a big wall around them? Like many say needs to be between the usand Mexican border.

    Often this group gets pointed to then that group, etc. When any one points they we have three fingers pointing back at them us ( also a thumb that could be).One two three four.I guess then we must not point those accusing fingers any more when it can kick back.

    God bless. Happy New year!

    1. --Nothing wrong with your brain, Mr. N! Best wishes to you and yours in 2016.

  2. Each day it seems in more countries of our world we have ANTI attitudes, anti free speach, anti freedom, ANTI cHRISTIAN, etc..I fear it will only get worse long before it gets better.

  3. Thank you Amber. Best wishes to you and yours in the new year.

    I feel many( NOT ANY BED FORD FALLS ones) But state, federal, etc leaders want us all to think they are right and that we have problems up stairs.