Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ISIS, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Brothers from Another Planet

Or maybe it's merely that Trump, his coffers low, has become
a paid tool of the extremists who want to create a world
state caliphate. Am I joking? --Not entirely. Prominent
democrats AND their republican opponents have denounced
the Donald publicly, pointing out that codified racism, religious
tests, wholesale, anti-immigration, et al., are in direct violation
of the United States Constitution. He seems to be supported by
the more ignorant, intelligence-challenged among our polity...

Enter Ted Cruz, who would like nothing better than to
become our next vice president, should Trump win the
higher office. He too is categorically constitutionally
challenged, barred by being born in Calgary, Alberta Canada.
(--Once again, with feeling: check Article II, Section 1,
Paragraph Five of the U.S. Constitution, which mandates a
viable candidate for our highest elected post must be a
natural born citizen. There are no stipulations there which
say anything about any parental birthplace or U.S. citizenship
as a qualifying factor--just the CANDIDATE'S birthplace.)

Perhaps both bozos are on Isis/Da'esh payrolls; at any rate,
they are Da'esh's best volunteers, shaming and dividing our
country, demonstrating we are in fact NOT exceptional in the
vaunted, best sense of the word, but causing many around the
world to take exception to us.

Let's send these very bad brothers back to the far-out
planet of fantasy and error they came from.

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  1. Hear!, Hear!

    Speaking of BOZO, I remember Bozo, Especially the Chicago ones Amber I call the REAL Bozo The clowns. I feel both of the Bozo the clowns that were in Chicago made more sense than Mr Cruz and Mr Trump

    The say people should never show there trump card. ( AND THE foolishness fromt hose two continue and the BAND PLAYS ON) Have a great day! Stay alert!!