Friday, December 18, 2015

Chicago's City Hall Disappoints Yet Again, Just Before the Holidays, December, 2015

RE: Reforming the Chicago Police Department,
the 12/15/2015 Public Hearing:
I went to Chicago's City Hall on December 15th to present
the remarks I posted here on December 8th; what a disgusting
disappointment THAT was! I arrived at 8:45am, left at 4:45pm
not able to read my remarks, as several of the few alderpersons
present droned on, repeating themselves, grilling and drilling
the new IPRA head, Sharon Fairley, not content after FOUR
HOURS of hearing her repeat, "I don't know". --But why would
she, only holding the job for FOUR DAYS?? Her general counsel,
employed by IPRA (the Independent Police Review Authority)
for five years, also apparently didn't know much, but did present
some interesting answers, revealing regrettable policy practices.

This public hearing went on for about 12 hours; as a 70 year old
woman who would NEVER conceal and carry, I wasn't about
to wait around to comment until 10 pm, then take the the Blue
Line back to my suburb. (For any reader not familiar with Chicago,
the Red and Blue Lines have more on-board and on-platform
crimes than the other local elevated commuter train routes.) MY
suburb of 14,000 allows public comments early in the meeting
agenda, as opposed to mighty Chicago, putting the average
American dead last in the proceedings. Further, my village
allows a three minute comment, vs. Chicago allowing two.
( I might add, there were fewer than 20 members of the
public in attendance from 10am to 4:45pm when I left,

So, it is high time for the City of Chicago to change
its traditional manner of proceeding. For one thing,
any attending alderperson should NOT  be spending
87% of his/her time wandering around the room,
talking to/therefore distracting colleagues who just
may have wished to pay attention. Alderman Cardenas,
you were so rude and heedless! --Quite a different
demeanor from your tv appearances on  WTTW's
"Chicago Tonight". Secondly, allow for public
comment early, not after many hours of tiresome
sturm und drang. I felt some serious sympathy
for the hearing's moderator, Chairman Alderman
Reboyras, who was the most business-like of all.
Alderman Jason Ervin also seated at the head
conference table was patient and dignified, asking
questions to the point, unlike some of his colleagues.

Another suggestion: in a positive blast to the past,
Mayor Emanuel, every six months you should
require ALL 50 alderpersons to attend a meeting
thrown open to public comments ONLY. NO
responses, etc. from the august alderpersons; no,
JUST LISTEN, from 9am to 5 pm, twice a year.
THAT, Mr. Mayor, would be a tangible
demonstration of your much publicly-
vaunted accessibility/transparency...try it!

--AND further incoming ire from me: with respect
to the Amended Agenda, dated December 14th,
the first of the four items, R2015-978, "Call for
...examination of CPD practices and procedures"
(my shortened paraphrase), IT NEVER
HAPPENED between 10am and 4:45pm.

Apparently the Chicago Police Department is not
the ONLY official Chicago body requiring rigorous

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  1. Amber .I am sorry for what they put you and others through there at CHICAGO SILLY I mean city hall.

    I agree MUCH MORE than just the police need to make positive changes.

    Thank you form eminding me of the MANY, MANY, MANY reasons I left Chicago. My entire family and I left. NO PLANS in this century to ever return to live there.