Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Recent Study Indicates Air Pollution DOES Cause More Aggressive Behavior...

Just as I said here in my June 12th, 2015 post.  The study,
published by the National Bureau for Economic Research
(Herrnstadt and Muelegger, authors) quote a large data
set from the Chicago Police Department, two million major
crimes between 2001-2012. Apparently there is a strong
correlation between living near a busy street or highway
and aggressive behavior; the study's conclusion didn't
resolve whether the pollutants were acting as irritants or
impairing cognitive functions, like the executive function
which (presumably) moderates behavior.

But this should have been obvious to everyone all
along: Homo Sapiens Sapiens evolved for millions
of years without developing strategies to cope with
these man-made chemicals which only relatively recently
entered our environment, deluging us in subtle
yet serious ways.

--Stay tuned for more disagreeable news about
how our "convenient" and "efficient" lifestyle
is also ruining our society...take evasive action
when possible.


  1. I have read info on thee studies. I BELIEVE THEM! I am not surprised. I used to live near a major east west express way ( THE DWIGHT D EISENHOWER AKA I 290 ) for ten years of my life when I was a child. Environment can and does play a role in our society..

    I had mold removed from my home last year. I could spen d hurs on what I learned about TOXIC mold. Various types of mold. How MANy in our society, EVEN SOME AGENCIES play down the dangers and effect of it.

    1. Lester, did you know Palmolive face soap used to contain formaldehyde? I used to joke it preserved my skin....

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  3. LOL. I sure did Amber . I used to call that the doll soap ( Lots of Ladies I knew used to use it including my Late great dear Mommy!)

    Reading labels is important but a little frightening. Hope you and all your readers had a wonderful Christmas. We did.MORE of the family was able to get together this year. Happy New year to every one!