Friday, December 4, 2015

"Citizens United": Not the Only Illogical, Irrational Pro Business "Legal" Decision,...

Policy or protected category. LLCs, LLPs and certain
501(c)3s, et al., with boards but no owners, all have
accountability avoidance in common. --How perfectly
symmetrical, societally-speaking! Scapegoating, lying,
denying are all popular pastimes in 2015 America...
now enjoying official, legal and policy protections.

As long as laissez-faire capitalism continues unchecked
and applauded, the more moral among us have hard
going ahead. We, nevertheless, must:

(1) Keep conducting research; don't depend on only
one sort of source, either all liberal OR all conservative...
contrast and compare!

(2) Raise our voices--intelligently, with dignity and
facts while eschewing the bad behavior of a Donald
Trump or the brain dead (pun intended!) demeanor
of a Dr. Ben Carson. More nods to practicality and
reality than we see from Sen. Sanders OR Mrs.
Clinton could prove very effective.

(3) Make calls (electronic and in person) to legislators.
They do not necessarily have to be our own representatives,
whether local, statewide or national. It DOES help if the
elected officials have an interest or concern in  the
subject at hand, however.

If we act, we will proceed and progress. Teddy Roosevelt
and Lord Edmund Burke will be proud of us, wherever
they are.

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  1. AMEN! RIGHT ON! Together we stand, Divided we will ALL FALL!Do not depend on any ONE side or source .Hit the nail on the head again Amber! Thank you. Be wonderful A M A P in our world! God bless. Every one remember this time of year more do not have joy in their hearg. WATCH your selves, loc your cars. Be careful even more now!!