Saturday, March 19, 2016

Donald Trump and His Neo Nazi Supporter: Two of a Kind

March 17th, 2016: Shaun King, writing in the New York Daily
News, has exposed an even more alarming reality of the Donald's
drive to the White House. A certain Grace Tilly, shown on a
PBS screengrab, sports multiple tattoos known to be part
and parcel of  the largest white supremacist group website
on Earth, Stormfront.  Dr. Pitcavage, an expert on radical
extremism with the Anti Defamation League, described the
"88" on her one hand as code for Heil Hitler (H is the eighth
letter in the alphabet) and Odin's Cross, the Stormfront's
logo. --Just one more item for North Carolina's Wall of
Shame...oh. The state does not possess one, but it should.

Whether he knows it or not, Trump is a fascist. Recent
perusal of WWII documentary footage shocked me
with the utterly identical facial expressions between
Hitler and Trump, the hate-filled shouting, the leering
contempt stamped all over both of their less than
handsome faces. Then there are the always reliable
identity indicators of demagoguery, appeal to a ruthless,
unthinking chauvinism, exhortations encouraging violence,
overweening "patriotic" pride, ad libidinem, ad nauseam,
et al.

Trump is an embarrassing, error-riven menace.
A failure in many ways, always ambitious to the
point  of projects toppled by their own heedless
shortcuts, he would drag us back to the national
madness of Germany in 1940--if we don't offer
a spirited, determined resistance.

Donald Trump and Grace Tilly, just two of a
kind nobody needs, and relatively few of
us want.


  1. AMEN! Amber I second all you stated above!

  2. Happy Spring and Happy Easter, may Christ come again--we so obviously need him.