Friday, March 18, 2016

I Now Know Why People Prefer Cars to Mass Transit

--Whew! I JUST might take up 70, look out,
world! After supporting walking and transit taking all my adult
life, I have reluctantly arrived at an unhappy observation:
too many train and bus users are thoughtless, selfish, heedless.
It has become so annoying and upsetting, I'm in a perpetual
snit most of the time I'm out.

Just today:

--a woman ate a full course meal, complete with chicken
and potatoes. Don't people know that Chicago's transit regs
forbid eating on their trains? A $300 fine was  enacted by
the Chicago City Council years ago.
--men left their feet and backpacks in the aisles. I
brought my cane down sharply to the floor, which wakes them
to polite reality. Females are also guilty of this, but less
--a young man blocked the "L" stairway, seating himself on
the steps to swap out his ROLLERBLADES for walking
shoes. He was accompanied by a talkative, useless friend.
These two could have easily found a corner OUTSIDE
the station to perform the footgear changeup.
--a woman balanced her full takeout coffee on a train
platform's railing high above the sidewalk, an always busy
one. That railing is 1 1/2" inches wide.

Last week:

--a woman, a stranger, grabbed my arm to detain me,
as she was dissatisfied  with me not knowing the answer
to her questions...really!

Keep your eyes open in public to study the many foibles
of the human race. My kingdom for a car!

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  1. Amber. I had in the past and do now relatives and friends who work IN ALL areas of transportation for the public.I-E Pace, Metra, Cta. YOU ARE totally on point on all you state here.

    One problem I think Amber is well YOU ARE DECENT , HAVE COMMON sense, care,etc. TOO many people have allowed them selves to become, emotionally, socially, in all ways brain washed to what is right in front of them. I feel maybe half no longer care. I often feel we are living in an episode of BLAKE,S 7 from the late nineteen seventies.

    As a low vision person ALL my life.I decided long ago to use BEDFORD FALLS transportation they offer for people with a disability and seniors. Also rides are offered to the commander! I started long ago gratefully accepting. Often offer a few dollars for gas etc.Hey ANOTHER decent non crazy young person relative got his or willlicense soonDone a lot for him over the years so HEY!!LOL.

    I often had to have a sighted person ride public transit with me. Even with my visual aides, Windows dirty or glare. I could not see through them to read signs. Lazy drivers would not call out stops EVEN WHEN NICELY ASKED! Oh the L LOL! I remember the GOOD OLD DAYSLOL. hearing stops called out on the loud speaker. I QUOTE( RRRERR, VRRRR, GRRRR, TRRRURRRR!) That was an example of what would be heard.Frankly I do not feel safe on publictransportation, ESPECIALLY THE L.I hear things THAT NEVER GET EXPOSED in the media, BAD THINGS about public transportation from INSIDERS..

    Also when I was six I WAS TALL for my age Many on publictransit thought I was older. My LATE GREAT DADDY AND MOMMA would have none of it.I wish I had video of that but no one had video cameras TOO EXPENSIVE for the public in nineteen sixties.. Much could be done to improve public nightmae I MEANpublic transportation.

    I would love your opinion Amber on DRIVERLESS CARS? I would not trust them as A HUMAN possibly a mean PREJUDICE one would be programming a master computer for the so called driver less cars.In a perfect kinder world these cars would be great GOD SENDS to us non drivers. Hey want to practice driving you and I on some one that has a closed lot and that would allow us to do so?Lol. well that is a blog for another day..I knew a Lady haven,t seen her in years After her husband of over 50 died she learned to drive at 73 years young!