Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Our World at War, 2016: Bloody Skirmish after Skirmish, Ad Infinitum

We woke up to another terror skirmish, this time in Brussels,
Belgium. The story coming out of Europe is fragmented,
anywhere between 13 and 34 fatalities, over one hundred
or two hundred injured, according to CBS, WGN and NBC.
An authority announced this a.m. on CBS as having discerned
the terrorists' motivations: a  concerted continuation of the
recently captured mastermind's planned attacks there, schedule
stepped up.

I'd add another, revenge. From time immemorial, it's been a
powerful incitement indeed. While we wage this war, death
by death, destruction by destruction, we shouldn't forget that.
Revenge, married to jealousy (The Middle East envies the
power and success of the West) has motivated military
maneuvers for centuries, continuing into today. Resentment
too, due to the West's imperialism and occupations has
hardened attitudes and resolve as well.

Be certain, caliphate control of the planet is these allied
radically murderous groups' goal. The testosterone terror
of these men would put back women's rights and respect,
so hard fought for, so recently, if tenuously, won. Would
most women, even in the very Middle East nations which
harbor these malcontents, want that? The caliphate dream
died a deserved death; many men themselves prefer a
more engaged, intellect-driven destiny.

Sadly, so many more shoes and pairs of shoes, boots
included, must drop before this attempt to recapitulate
a failed past is halted--if ever. The appeal here is to
other failures, personal as well as political, an effective
recruitment tool, one that has enjoyed a long history...

Skirmish after bloody skirmish may be ultimately
squashed, but not before many civilians meet an
undeserved end.  This is our world at war,
March 22, 2016.

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