Thursday, March 24, 2016

Egregious Errata, Excrescences, Etc.: Time for Spirited Critique, Caution and a Prescription or Two...


-An evil, prune-faced troll, Senate Majority Leader Mitch
McConnell has long felt no compunction in abandoning
his state, his obligation to the nation, while blocking Barack
Obama at every turn--Mitch Mc DID say his only job was to
stop Obama; I saw and heard him do so, online and on TV.

McConnell probably possesses president-envy as well as
the "other noun's envy", a quality no doubt shared with other
confirmed racists. I don't see him yelling at press conferences,
but, betting on the dark side of human nature once again,
feel pretty certain he does so in not-for-broadcast settings.

-The USA's criminal justice system is spectacularly unjust,
from the Supreme Court down to Dogpatch, U. S. of A.
-Need I elaborate?? No, I think not; any literate, informed
reader can supply numerous examples from all 50 states.

-When surveying the public/private sphere, it's hard to avoid
an awareness of a key, sad reality: consciences have atrophied
or become blunted, so why the shock and amaze? Why would
we expect a marvelously, morally-emancipated society?


-We must not acquire the very flaws, faults and actions of the
evil ones we fight. If we were to descend to such levels, we
merely add more people to the dark side, scarcely what we
need here at home OR abroad. (-!)

Gov. Kasich is right: don't take the low road, take the high one.
He recently promised to do just that, one of  several reasons why
I'm voting for him, did so in the IL primary. This is a president I
could live with, a centrist with few ostensible behavior and/or
anger management problems; he also served in Congress, let's
not forget.

It's time for all the concerned, rational and educated folk to
unite in an effort to drive the violent, ignorant and hated-inspired
back down the putrescent rat holes they are emerging from.
--Frankly, I prefer the real rats, who can be more easily excused.

Egregious excrescences, BEGONE.



  1. Wow! Amber. I am almost speechless. I second all you stated above.

    How sad and ironic, the more extreme , racist, sexist, SATANIC off the top politicians and others are the more publicity and support they get. That says a lot ( negatively speaking ) about the average American people I feel.

    I do feel the need to say this loudly ,proud, and mean it in these times ( GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN! )

    Wrong is right and right is wrong,Ill logic is logic to too many in our current time and will get worse before it gets better.The INJUSTICE system I know many that work in all aspects of it.That statement can speak for it self.

    The precious real few people and the joys of life we find each day makes life and our trials worth while.Wow! that was ind of deep , glad I expressed it. God bless to all that read this and to you Amber. Happy Easter!

    1. Mr. N., Please go back to my "Misbehavior on Mass Transit" post, March 18th, where I answer to something in your comment. I think I could be of help.