Monday, May 16, 2016

Ted Cruz Down, But Don't Rule Him Out

May 3rd, 2016: Ted Cruz has bowed out of the USA's presidential
sweepstakes, but he could be offered the VEEP consolation prize
in July at the Republican National Convention...ugh.

It WAS odd, though, methinks, for him to leave the intense fray
simply because he lost Indiana's primary. He vows to keep on
"fighting" (for what, exactly, who can tell?). Some of us wanted
both parties to host brokered conventions this Summer, as the
potential for a messy but actually democratic process existed
as long as Ted soldiered on.

I had fantasized that the rank and file would ask for Governor
Kasich to take the nomination as a  moderate, grass-roots
compromise--not that the media mavens moved forward
toward such an eventuality...but who cares? Even some of
THEM admit, every week, that they had not foreseen the
staying power of the Donald, with  "charmingly" self-
deprecatory chuckles; have they ever owned up to the
irresponsible, irrepressible mess they've helped to create?

But Bernie Sanders seemingly steams ahead to a Democratic
contested show in July; I'm all for it--why not? Bill's Hill
is not a dream candidate for several hard-to-hide-from
reasons, Benghazi not being a major one despite all the
reverberations from the right, in and out of our Congress.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, "Texas" Ted must be darkly
plotting, probably with Grover Norquist, Glenn Beck et al.
Brothers and sisters, let's keep an aware eye on the guy...

He's down, but scarcely out.


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  2. Oh WOW! The plot thickens...

    Amber if Senator Clinton gets the nomination, Trump seems to have it sown up on the republican side.If I do not write in some ones name( May I write you in? I just may not vote for president. Not excited about either one. I could deal with Bernie Sanders.

    Oh our current world politically. I always LOVE to see the word fantasize , especially in a blog!

    1. Dear Lester, Sometimes I fear fantasies are all that is left for us, but then that is just an exaggeration--I hope! Best Wishes to you and yours.

    2. --How about writing in Gov. Kasich? He has experience (18 years in the U.S. House, governor of Ohio currently, known for long-standing bipartisan behavior). I know you were kidding, but writing me in is as bad as voting for Trump--in this huge nation, previous experience with the levers of power is, I believe, absolutely essential. Generally working one's way up is the best plan to reach the top--anywhere, in any game.