Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Yellow Journalism Which Never Ended Here: How It Enables the Rabble and an Outbreak in Nevada

--Yes, the rabble. Others won't/don't/can't call it, but I CAN:
No major media outlet will simply say, the unthinking mob
disgraced itself and us, yet again, this time in Nevada,
Tuesday, May 17th. Sanders supporters aped the worst
Trump supporters, using threats, web insults, calling a female
politician the "c" word, etc. ...and chairs were thrown, a' la
the dangerous stupidities one sees in South Korean politics.
(See Chris Matthews' "Hardball" for interviews and video
views of the shameful Nevada convention mayhem.)

--UGH.  I am officially now ashamed to be an American,
yes; and I won't/don't/can't care to walk that statement
back, either. This isn't disloyalty, just frank disgust, that
the greater preponderance of the sensible aren't rising up
to loudly, prominently decry such actually illegal, ignorant
behavior...whatever HAPPENED to "disagreeing without
being disagreeable?"

In the previous post I compared the current crop of
journalists/reporters unfavorably to the likes of Walter
Cronkite et al., who were thorough, dignified, accurate
and therefore admirable. Yellow journalism, I learned in
the 1950s, had been a bane of our national existence,
yet NOW had largely left the landscape, ostensibly,
observably. But wait, I say NO: just recall how an
experienced, moderate, bipartisan like Gov. Kasich
got/gets short shrift, while the Trumps and Teds get
whatever coverage they'd like. Violence at these
important events takes valuable time and pride of
place at the expense of dealing with the USA's
many serious problems; do the big media outlets
care??--Hell no.

Big media, be responsible, DO YOUR DAMN
JOB, STOP enabling the self-important crazies
who are ruining our country--DO IT NOW!

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  1. Yes mam! Very well stated as usual.

    How frightening, How ironic and how too bad and too sad that all over the world many people are laughing them selves silly AT AMERICA and about many of our people , the way they do or do not conduct themselves, etc..

    I guess Tom the cartoon Cat 9 One of my favorites) Can not tell nor expect Jerry THE MOUSE the guard the CHEESE house. Also It seems we can not expect THE CORPORATE owned media many of them to have our best interests at heart.