Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fair or Not, Judges Run the Room--Zohra, Baby, You Cannot Interrupt a Judge

Re: the Huffington Post, last week of May, 2016: I'm sorry,
but in no USA courtroom can any attorney run the room.
It is the Sitting Judge, or the Hearing Officer, etc. who
authorizes attorneys to speak, object, make closing statements/
arguments, approach the bench. Public Defender Zohra
Bakhtary WAS out of line, period, overtalking and interrupting
the judge. Even if she is correct in stating the judge interrupted
her first, too bad, baby, but in the courtroom, the judge CAN
do that--attorneys are NOT equal to the sitting  judge!
YES, they can:
(1) remove attorneys and defendants or others,
 anyone not observing the judge's authority,
(2) even employ duct tape,
(3) close the current docket session and reschedule...
YES, even in Las Vegas, where this incident occurred.

While handcuffs administered to Zohra seems draconian
practice, Atty. Bakhtary refused to accede to Judge's Hafen's
order to be silent. Is she being "passionate" in defending her
client, or arrogating authority she simply does not possess?
--I vote for the latter. As to these others who backed her up,
they should have any official credentials they possess withdrawn,
because they fail to understand our system; I'm not asking anyone
to like it, just obey it until we institute a better one.

As an Officer of the Court, Zohra's "Zealously defending
her client" (her statement) smacks instead of zealotry and
entitlement drama. She IS young and pretty, which
often results in such an attitude. She should have
immediately stopped talking when instructed, waited
for a subsequent, more opportune moment, then
attempted again to make her point. Talented, shrewd
attorneys do EXACTLY that. When  Judge Hafen
admonished her, finishing his sentence with "...OKAY?"
Bakhtary took this for her opening, but he hadn't
concluded, cue to Zohra misapprehended, unfortunately.

As to the " persecuted woman whine", please! Women
in this setting must obey the rules, as must the men. Zohra's
friends are not serving her by playing the "aggrieved
female" card. What, she should interrupt all she wishes
because she's a girl? --PLEASE.

I think the relatively untutored of this world, including
lawyers who have observed the Clarence Darrows
of jurisprudence monopolizing a courtroom, miss the
key reality--it is the JUDGE ALLOWING the spectacle.
He or she is absolutely under no obligation to do so.

Back to Criminal Justice 101, everyone! Especially
you, Zohra baby.

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  1. YES! Well stated! Amber I have relatives, friends, Friends feminine that work in courts in various capacities. Oh LOL. the storiesthey have toldme. No names case numbers usedof course.

    Oh Listening to old time radio classics so That is why I am on computer facebook at this hour. A safe memorial day week end to all. Remember who it is really all about.