Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trump in New Mexico: Mob-Made Mayhem, the Rabble Strikes Again

Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 24th, 2016: Trump's tension-
tussle caused chaos and some property damage. Protesters
understandably reject being called rapists and murderers by the
Donald--but their conduct here is unsupportable, nevertheless.
Rocks and bottles were thrown at police horses--what do the
poor animals have to do with any sort of politics? This shameful,
sorry spectacle, among others, deserves the pejorative term,
"rabble"; mob-made mayhem seems accurate as well. How is
mindless destruction going to advance anyone's cause?

We DO have a system, broken in places though it may be, so
we should exploit every legal means to correct injustices and
vote out bad leaders. Again, tiresomely enough, I must add--
do your damn research; stop wishing, without any effort from
you, for miracles which will resolve ANYTHING! Speak out,
organize, interact with legislators, run for office, VOTE.

Nothing worth having has ever come easy. Did these rabble-
rousers' parents teach them that? If so, the lessons obviously
failed to stick. Instead, we see dangerous behavior which
embarrasses everyone and enlightens no one. Money and
media frequently frittered away, wasted, to say nothing of

The arrow of time moves ever more swiftly toward
November--is it too late to create an atmosphere of
reason, producing a president worthy of the name?


  1. Right on Amber!

    Lots of common citizens I find in our world with the ELITE RAT NASTY DONALD TRUMP, spirit and mentality. Maybe that explains his large following.

    Donald it seems may have the TRUMP card. Many of us do not care for we are not falling for him nor playing his game.

    Have a great day every one. KEEP your eyes and ears open( SpIRITUAL ones also) Keep your these times.

  2. Ps. I used to watch PRO WRESTLING aka WRESTLIN! years ago. Not as much at all like I used to. I remember seeing Mr Trum on WWF as it was called then wrestling. NOW WWE. HE HAS THAT PRO WRESTLING MENTALITY, SCHTICK, and personality...