Monday, May 16, 2016

The New York Times: Megan Kelly Media Madness Sinks to a New Low

--Whaaat?? The New York Times, once a very vital, vaunted source
of (--ahem!) important news has dedicated one and a half pages
to Megan Kelly, (May 14th) who apparently never asks questions
most of us actually SHOULD obtain answers to. So, et tu, NYT??
You have now joined the ranks of the ignominious and irrelevant.
But hey, that moves our local papers, the Chicago Tribune
and the Chicago Sun-Times up a few pegs, yay!

I knew the end was coming when the NYT allowed
a huge typo, "billie oils" (for billions of miles) into print,
proofreading be damned into non-existence, early in the
millennium.  Even earlier, (~1983) I had called editorial
over there to discover that the famous paper had fired all
its proofreaders and most of its copy editors...

And now the New York Times has sunk to the infotainment
level, simply because this chick wears low-cut clothing
and has blond hair? --Please. She is as trashy as Trump,
not minding being part of such  sexual crudity, participating
wholeheartedly on the Howard Stern Show. I don't subscribe
but am related to family who do; I heard her exchange with
Howard months ago--innocent, intelligent (or even decent)
she is NOT. No sympathy is necessary for her as the object
of the Donald's attack--he was wrong and so is she, even if
for somewhat different reasons.

The days of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite,
Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw are clearly eclipsed.
This nation is much worse off while the media panders
to such low tastes when real problems proliferate.

To the New York Times:  DO YOUR DAMN JOB,
shame on you!

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  1. Amber. Way back in the day I THE COMMANDER! subscribed to the N Y T. When it was into real journalism. That seems like 500 years ago now.

    How deep and true ALL you stated! WOW! You broke it all the way down to the naked truth again Amber..I was FANTASIZING last week ( OH COMMANDER!0 No I mean i had a dream 4 Ladies I spoke to said they will vote for Trump. Oh No Amber. I am sorry I was fully awake, Never drink, nor any thing else so That was A REAL living night mare fact.God help her... Have a nice day!