Thursday, June 9, 2016

Have Establishment Republicans Come too Late to the Party?

Let's list the recent arrivals to the newly configured, We Are Sane
Republicans Party; their membership is impressive:

* U.S. Senior Senator (R) KY Mitch McConnell
* Former U.S Speaker of the House (R) GA Newt Gingrich
* U.S. Junior Senator (R) IL Mark Kirk
* Current U.S. Speaker of the House (R) WI Paul Ryan
* U.S. Senator (R) SC Lindsey Graham
* U.S. Senator (R) FL Marco Rubio
* Gov. (R) OH John Kasich
* U.S. Senator (R) NE Ben Sasse
* U.S. Senator (R) ME Susan Collins
* U.S. Senator (R) OH Rob Portman
* U.S. Senator (R) SD  John Thune
Thanks to the Chicago Tribune, June 3rd, 2016
for fleshing out this list and the statements from
these pols. I'm certain there are more (-ad infinitum?)

--Aaaand the number of names will just roll on,
disavowing the Donald, courtesy of the newly-
awakened realization republicans of note have arrived
at--minorities vote, there are a LOT of them, most voters
are probably not racist, the democrats COULD
continue to keep the White House after November,
etc. ...Oh, yes, such racism, intransigence and ignorance
COULD cost some of these powerful republicans their
cushy seats in DC. How they howl as they scurry away
from Trump--is a "dump Trump" in the offing come July?

Regrettably, I am forced to conclude this latest spate of
scoldings (posturings) are attempts to align with the sane
side (right side) of history at last, at least apparently.
The few early exceptions to republicans supporting
Trump weren't numerous, influential, vocal or powerful
enough, sadly.

Memo to establishment republicans late to the party:
I can't/don't/won't believe you--where were you last year,
last month, last WEEK?

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  1. Well stated Amber.

    Politics in general is a mess now. Same for many politicians. The republican party is horrible and a non funny joke to me.Their furure is a huge question mark. Illinois republicans, Well as they say Amber, when you have nothing nice to say about some one or some thing say nothing at all. I will say no more about the ILL Illinois republican party. Have a great day! Been a rough week in my area here....