Friday, June 3, 2016

The USA: Undone in 2016: Rule by Rioters Rousing the Rabble?

(1) It would seem so, a sorry spectacle of a ghastly "new normal";
humans run amok, foul language, punching, etc. outside yet
another political rally, Trump's latest. The mayhem occurred
Thursday night (06/02/'16) in San Jose California. Anti-Trump
protesters ran wild, doing no good to their cause. Why/how did
any of them think their fear and dislike of  the Donald trumped
lawful behavior?
(2) A prominent gun lobbyist claimed that "rule by the ballot box"
can be undone "by the bullet box to support the Constitution".
--What?? I have re-read the U.S. Constitution numerous
times over the decades, therefore must firmly stipulate that its
original Seven Articles and subsequent 27 Amendments do not
sanction any arbitrary kind of overturning of laws, looting, mob
action, murder, etc. The rule of law's primacy married to the
regular rights, human and civil, of all are specifically enshrined
in our highest document.

Every year since 1787, however, there have been actions and
attacks ad infinitum against the Constitution. The Founders,
wise and knowing, installed a Supreme Court to interpret the
constitutionality of cases that wend their way to the top of the
legal ladder. This system too has failed occasionally: witness the
infamous Dred Scott decision, overturned by a later Supreme
Court, thank God.
(3) This gun nut, a Mr. Larry Pratt, seems to think any outcome
he opposes can be overturned by force--legally!  He is as stupid
as he is dangerous, two characteristics often disastrously paired.
Anarchy is not viewed favorably by followers of the U.S.
Constitution, obvious to all but oblivious Pratt--order, process
and respect, NOT "because I'm aggrieved anything goes", i.e.,

Will rioters rousing the rabble run the Summer Conventions,
ruining  the November 2016 election?  Are we about to
become as crazy as North Korea? Stay tuned, do what you
can/must/should to stop such rule by rabble.  

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  1. The rioters, the rabble, the rebels, mobs, malcontent, it is crystle clear to me Amber , mentally, spiritutally, politically, and in all ways where they are coming from, etc. I want nothing to do with it and never will.

    We all are being pushed toward a place in this nation and world , well when when get there we will wish we had never seen the NEW WORLD DIS ORDER!Laws and the constitution I feel are being twisted and broken by the minute each day.In a few yers unless we in many ways change course politically, socially, SPIRITUALLY, we will not have to watch wild west old movies, Nor watch classic outer space shows like star trek or blakes 7 we will be in many ways literally living them.GOD help us.