Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Public Apathy: "We have met the enemy and he is us" Immortal cartoon Is STILL Right...

Back down the decades, Walt Kelly, creator of "Pogo" comic strip
wrote this immortal line, regrettably still true. Here's my latest

Dateline 06/22/2016: CBS Radio (Chicago feed, 780 am)
this morning informed us that last evening's Chicago public
meeting hosted by a panel of suitable experts from the City,
Chicago Public Schools, and environmental quality staff
regarding lead in drinking water at Chicago's schools
was attended by--the panel.

--Shocking? Not to me; dispiriting, Hell yes. Our somewhat
broken system still affords adult citizens here opportunities
to participate meaningfully in the public square. How does
anyone expect positive policy changes to occur without
more citizen input? The first step is voting, yes, yes, but the
requirements for our republic's continued existence and
health putatively posits participation at far greater levels:

(1) Call your elected officials with your questions, concerns
and improvement ideas. Call legislators anywhere in your
state and nation as well--why not? Are you not an adult
citizen, voter and taxpayer? If so, you have every right
AND obligation to do so,  SO, DO SO.

(2) Find groups and organizations which deal with your
matters of concern. They exist, check the web... haven't
got a pc, laptop, smart phone? Your local library likely
does, use them for free.

(3) You say, "I don't have the time, I have two jobs and
three kids", etc., ad infinitum. Make the time, if you truly
love your children, your city, your country, somehow,
make the time. It matters.

Stay tuned for more Amber nags; nattering nabob of
negativism (thank you, V.P. Spiro) signing out...

But first: public apathy enables the Trumps, Cruzes and
all others that would walk back our dearly-won rights
and freedoms to a previous era of slavery to the uncaring
super-rich and super ignorant. --Never forget this!

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  1. Well stated as usual Amber. I have contacted my reps as I have been often about Springfield and Chicago matters. Many may not believe it many of Chicago issues have , do and will effect us all, Bedford falls, Loddy da ville and all other areas.

    I attended 3 schools i Chicago and graduated froma private one.. We drank from fountains One school I attenced had FOUNTAINS and sinks in ALL class rooms with a pull down black board covering them. NO level of lead , CRIME, ETC should be permitted in Chicago schools, etc!

    The ELITE are RAGING! Just look at the built new and REHABBED INTO MC MANSION homes with THE HIGH AND MIGHTY in OUR BEDFORD FALLS! One on my block.

    I can feel and see our rights,dignity, freedom, and more slipping away..We have a great group of politicians in BEDFORD FALLS here I feel Amber. However many of our State, county, federal Servants are becoming OUR SPHNGOLIES AND DICTATORS with a bullet!

    More people better wake up, shake up and take realistic positive action NOW regarding many things on Many levels . Before it is too late!