Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Murderous Mateen: Twisted Terrorist and Homophobic Hater, Enabled by Insane Gun "Laws"

Dateline, June 12th, 2016, Orlando Florida:

Dear readers, how often have I said chaos is spreading, that
our frequently vaunted "system", society, shamefully approaches
a shambles? I want to be wrong about what we have seen;
sadly, regrettably, with much anguish AND anger, I am  still
correct, with no end to the horror in sight.

Orlando, site of happy, fun fantasies for young and old, will be
remembered now for the 50 dead and 53 wounded; the kind,
uplifting, unifying speeches by one and all, from Obama down
to the ordinary citizen cannot quell the fear and overreaction
spilling over after this nightmare episode. Several mosques have
been threatened, as has happened after other mass deadly-violent
episodes, some of the language attached to those threats
incomprehensibly irrational--surprise, surprise.

There is no rational, reasonable support for allowing anybody to
purchase military grade weaponry, from AR 15s to AK 47s.
This "legal" abuse of the Second Amendment MUST END.
The arms dealers and manufacturers should be supplying
these mass engines of  death  only to our military, period.
Memo to those who fear a government takeover of ordinary
citizens: you would never win in such a struggle, which hasn't
happened here in all our 229 years as a nation. Never forget
Ruby Ridge or Waco;  the past pretty much predicts the future,
as many psychosocial experts have long said regarding
human behavior...

So what's behind the wish to possess such dreadfully
deadly machines?

--Intent to kill, period. One rifle and one handgun
seem sufficient to defend/protect one's person, car,
home, military-style automatic weapons not needed.
--Illusions of power, a power such people DO NOT
possess --most die shortly after committing these
murders, by their own hand or that of others.
--Making a statement? Yes, of insanity, hatred,
horror, pain,  and outrage, little else.
--Unless the theory is to wear the West down, a la
the slow, inexorable Chinese water tortures of old,
we weakly, helplessly succumb, then, voila! a world-
wide caliphate is installed.   Memo to the ignorant/
inhumane: you are operating under a NO-GO theorem.
We will never surrender to your primitive, failed past
"system" of society/governance.

"We will not be ruled by fear", etc. Stay strong, yes,
but better be safe than sorry--I AM feeling a very
sensible fear, so will shun large, crowded events,
especially in Chicago, near where I live. I have
risked my life on many occasions, stopping certain
crimes on the street, but such incidents were one-
on-one propositions, not dark, crowded, confusing
conditions. Large, densely populated crowds are not
a place for a 71 year old, period; my crime-fighting
days are (mostly) over. Opportunities to participate
are still available at other than arena-type settings,
street parades, or dramatic, disorderly demonstrations.

Back to the "legal" abuse of the Second Amendment:
Right-wing republicans serving in DC better be careful:
many of you are up for re-election, have recently been
unmasked as the stumbling block to re-authorizing the
since 2004-expired automatic weapons ban. It is
obvious to most of us you are only interested in
YOURSELVES, not the safety of the nation. Many
powerful voices are being raised broadcasting this fact
--the drumbeat will continue; remember in November!

Murderous Mateen, twisted terrorist and homophobic
hater may have been a lone wolf, but he is scarcely
the only one. Only a determined, sensible legal system
can stop them and others--can we please create one,
since it does not now exist?


  1. Amber. You have said it all...

    Death is horrible I feel. When some one is murdered that is unspeakably horrid! We seem to in our nation and culture have a spirit, mentality , that has manifested into a life style of , Bullying, hatred, anger. All these I feel are just other forms of VIOLENCE!

    Intolerance, more importantly DIS RESPECT, Not caring, Cold, prejudice, etc, Dirty looks, comments,etc, Be it about People of a different sexual orientation, race, etc. It is horrible and seem to be on the rise.

    Because people may think, live, or in any way be different from us is NEVER, EVER a reason to disrespect them, hate them, SHUN THEM NOR TAKE THEIR LiFE! It is evil and hellish I feel. Well this is not my blog so I will close now.

    We all know some one , be it a family member, associate, frien, co worker, neighbor, no matter who they are that may be of a different sexual orientation, race, etc.That is life and the way it is.This attitude, spirit of evil, terrorism hatred, GANOSIDE,etc is hellish and frightening! I feel and fear Amber it will get worse. GOD HELP US!

  2. Oh Our laws, SUCH AS THEY ARE. More new vague, sttrange each year. Poorly enforced. Many slapped on the wrist in court , IF THEY EVER MAKE IT TO THE BACKED UP AMERICAN COURT SYSTEM. I personally learned this last one when I needed justice for an evil DONE TO ME AND MY FAMILY IN 2014, IF YOU GOT THE MONEY YOU GET JUSTICE AMD REPRESENTED, IF NOT YOU GET HAD! I know many people WORKIMG OR RETIRING in law enforcement and or the court system. Let me say this Amber, GOD HELP US! IT will get worse before it gets better...