Monday, October 9, 2017

High Rise Hotel Security: There Is Hope for Improvement

Two days after the Las Vegas atrocity, most media did finally
take up the urgent matter of hotel security--but NPR had been
first, interviewing  an expert with surprising news: some of the
larger hotels DO have metal detectors, and some of them are
subtle, not easy to spot. I bet more hotels will follow such an
excellent example soon.

RE: the Chicago Connection: The Blackstone Hotel had
Paddock room reservations booked on August 1st, over-
looking Lalapalooza; thank the Almighty he decided to
remain closer to home in Nevada. It could have been an
even grislier bloodbath, as Lala had more audience numbers.

But again, so sad to say, I don't foresee gun law changes
in this crazy country, one which cannot properly read,
understand and abide by our noble document, the U.S.
Constitution, most tellingly, the Second Amendment. Gun
owning enthusiasts/supporters claim they arm themselves not
only for the usual self defense scenarios, but against a putative
rogue government. Reality check: even with 40 or 50
machine guns, the government/military can always make
short work of one's stash, so give that up as a sensible
reason to hold more than a handgun and a shotgun.

When will enough of us see sense and make murder
much harder to accomplish? --In my lifetime?

Yet, there is hope for improvement at hotels,
if only due to the profit motive.

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  1. When we step out our front door we all I feel must be extremely careful. Sad to say many people for reasons too numerous to mention here are not safe in their own homes.

    In BIG or high rise buildings, PLACES with MANY PEOPLE l, like sports stadiums we must try to stay safe and ready to move to safety , run and hide at a moments notice.

    As much as possible live our lives but be sober and STAY ALERT! If something feels wrong when we are in public it may be very wrong. WE MUST KEEP OURSELVES safe I feel.

    I used to like nice big hotels. I if I could ever afford it wanted to live in a NICE big hotel, NOT ANYMORE! NOT EVER!!