Monday, October 23, 2017

Widow Johnson Denied Husband's Viewing an Unfeeling Miscarriage of Justice

The U.S. military overreached in denying Mrs. La David Johnson
the right to view her husband's remains. Despite her passionate
pleas, they sealed the coffin and buried it without allowing her
access. Police departments across the U.S. usually have a
family member identify the remains before further processing,
so why  not here? As she pointed out, who knows what is in
that box?

Funerals and burials are generally the proper province of the
family, so how the military legally could keep custody of the
body without allowing his spouse her rights is utterly beyond me.
What are they hiding? Why do the authorities want to speed
up and cream over whatever happened two weeks ago in

General Joseph Dunford gave a lengthy press conference
today during which he pledged an investigation, saying the
families and the country deserve answers; too few details
have been forthcoming. He did add the USA is in Africa
because ISIS and Al Qaeda have a presence there.

...Now if only the good general could ameliorate this
miscarriage of justice suffered by Mrs. Johnson in the

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  1. If we knew WHAT ACTUALLY is in many sealed caskets, etc WE ALL WOULD BE EXTREMELY SHOCKED to the point of having CHEST PAINS IN OUR LEGS!

    If we all knew even one tenth of our NATIONAL, county, state, etc( EVEN FAMILY) classified SECRET information well WE MAY have a massive spazz atack or go totally bonkers! Enough said . What is in the dark seems to in our time more quickly get EXPOSED!