Monday, October 30, 2017

Er, "Mull" This: The Pacific Drifters and Robert Mueller: Being Incredibly Lucky? vs.Taking No Chances THIS Time

Well, perhaps the two young women DID have plenty of
dog food on board their disabled sailing craft; perhaps
they fished (great sources of necessary protein for all
four of them)...but the news outlets I have checked so far
say they had rice and some staples, etc. No mention of
meat, fish OR kibble. After watching several TV stations'
reports (sitting two feet from the 23" screen) showcasing
the smiling gals and their incredibly fit dogs, I admit I'm
suspicious. After five months'  extreme stress and uncertainty,
they might all justifiably be expected to appear a wee bit more
ragged around the edges. But I am a cynic with a looong
memory for previous "inspiring, incredible, unbelievable"
stunts involving  people achieving adventures very likely
movie worthy, IF true, only to find, ahh NO, NOT. But,
sigh, in fairness, it's still early days...and the mass media is
notoriously slow on the relevant uptake and details, as
I noticed with the Las Vegas, 58-dead tragic massacre.

Meanwhile, back at Langley HQ (FBI) Robert Mueller
(trust me), has not forgotten how he and others at the
top seriously muffed 911, ignoring Mpls. field agent
Coleen Rowley's spot on warning re: flight school
strangeness training; operatives in Phoenix and NYC
also sounded the alarm, to the apparently heedless in charge.
The FBI has arrested, er, allowed, Manafort and Gates a
dignity fig leaf, letting them surrender themselves today on
Russian trade irregularities and other "sins". Some readers
may recall it was Robert Mueller atop the FBI on September
11, 2001; yes, he has a different title now, and indeed is
tightening up his act--16 years a bit late, that is, for 3, 000
innocent American souls and FBI righteous employees who
ACTUALLY did their jobs. "Peter Principle, anyone?
Betcha Bob M. knows what that is and certainly doesn't
wish to be tarred twice with a brush dipped in incompetency
#Blushing Red paint pot, yet...

He became Director of the Bureau only a week before
the stunning terror attack, so some of my vitriol is, alas,
regrettably misplaced, and just when I was having so
much fun!! Still, Bob M. can't lean on the "I was new"
excuse the way a front line worker often can. High authority
and high office have standards of expectations well above
me and thee. He WAS NOT "new" to the Bureau.

Seriously, I am always awed by just how much
a role luck plays in all our lives, and how it really
pays to keep alert, study, and do one's best.

Let's all mull THAT.


  1. I believe we can be BLESSED, Make the right choice. Have caring people to help us or be in the right place at the right time. I don,t believe in luck Amber.I speak from personal experiences!

    Muller, and that whole mess. Well we all see the news today.Would some one wake me up please from the nightmare ?Is this all some UNREALITY show or PEEK A BOO CAMERA!? I am sure all over the world many are laughing themselves silly about America! Many may be doing the same about ILLINOIS, but that is a horse of a different color...

    Those Ladies that were stranded Amber maybe they were resourceful, TREMENDOUS WOMEN! Like living a personal GILIGAN,S ISLAND experience ( MINUS MR HOWEL, THE PROFESSOR, THE SKIPPER, OR GILLIGAN!) GALS doing it for themselves as Aretha Franklin once sang! Then again I do feel we do have STEERED, CONTRIVED, FANTASIZED, FAKE news stories. To get our attention as the people to look over there while some one COMES UP BEHIND US AND PULLS the woolOR POLYESTER over our eyes!

    Truth is stranger then fiction ( WOW is it really these days from WASHINGTON to our neighborhood stranger than fiction! Lets have another cup of coffee( TEA FOR ME) and lets have another piece of pie!

    1. Dear Lester, Please go to your email account for a longer discussion of "luck". Do I believe in relying on luck? Hell no, that is dangerous and stupid. But there is such a thing as goodluck/bad luck, which we all know exists. Enjoyed your comment today as always, even when you don't see me reply. Happy Holidays ( my exclamation point isn't working)

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