Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 The Presidential Debate, Round Two: A Tragicomedy of Incompetence

Despite the chattering classes' verdict giving the win to Obama
last night, I feel all three players were less than stellar. Candy
wasn't dandy, although a Romneyite said she was. Obama
defended himself  without offering specific proof (a bill number,
name of an act or an executive order, etc.) regarding his
administration's efforts to better secure student college funding.
On his record about achieving energy independence, again, no
easily verifiable facts put forward....just actions minus details.
How can anyone look up such claims? How, therefore, can
such claims be believed?

Believability is impossible with Romney, who changes his facts,
positions and passions as often as most of us change clothes.
It's one thing to change your mind after discovering more and
better evidence, quite another to do it as often as Romney has
lately. Remember that infamous '72 McGovern weather vane ad,
showing the wind blowing the weather vane back and forth,
implying  McGovern was a loose cannon? The Democrats at
the DNC should produce the same piece, but with Romney's

None of the presidential debates since the League of Women
Voters stopped their sponsorship in 1988 have been legitimate
or of high-calibre professionalism. The LWV said then that
the Commission on Presidential Debates, a creature of both
the RNC and DNC, is a "closed-door masterpiece".

....A masterpiece of tragicomedic proportions. Shakespeare's
still right: "Life is a comedy to those who think, and a tragedy
to those  who feel".  Sadly, no one has bested the Bard. 


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  1. Providing bill numbers, etc., for the very few who are interested in doing the research would be helpful, I guess. But it seems to me that making such citations could cause some viewers to become glassy-eyed.

    Besides, most everything's likely to be fact-checked anyway. That stated, I do believe that Obama redeemed himself; his closing statement focusing on Romney's trashing of the 47-percenters was right on the noggin.

    Romney, on the other hand, looked like a real chump: When told that the numbers in his tax reform plan don't add up, he responded, "Of course they add up. Look who I am! I'm a businessman! I know how to balance a budget!"

    'Nuff said.