Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Winning the White House: Round One in a Three- Round Event

My worst fears were allayed: there was no three ring circus at the
first presidential debate of 2012. Mitt and Mr. O were very civil,
cordial, even, some moments.  A score card of sorts is in order:

(1) Mitt WAS rude to Jim Lehrer, interrupting and talking over
Mr. Lehrer several times--where's a gavel when you need one?
(2) Romney, replete with repetitions,  faced Mr. Lehrer
courageously saying  he'd cut federal dollars to PBS, repeal
(3) Mitt wants to open up U.S. trade with South America,
but keep an eye on China, "...when she cheats". This accusation
never got the explanation required  to understand it.
(4) Romney wouldn't authorize any massive federal construction/
reconstruction projects which are the only means the federal
government has to ACTUALLY create jobs, aside from hiring
more military. So how would Mister Mitt get good middle class
jobs going?--By fireside chat, exhorting employers to hire?
-- By issuing Executive Orders? But no, no, never upping of taxes
for the very rich.

[A] The President says he'd invest in training by taking the
monies spent on wars we're winding down from to reinvest
in America, an "economic patriotism". He  stressed the need
to fund education, explaining that Washington can and
should help the states, because more better educated people
can become the workforce businesses  demand.
[B] Mr. Obama supports lower corporate tax rates, especially
in the manufacturing sector.
[C] The President seemed comfortable, had no awkward
hesitations. I disagree with the afterparty talking heads who
opined he should be more "crisp". I don't want a cracker for
president, pundits, thanks all the same.  


The two men talked a great deal about the middle class,
Governor Romney now sounding a lot like Mr. Obama, for the
first time. Mirabile dictu, is Mitt becoming a bit of a bleeding heart
just in time to gain the White House? Not a bit of it. The Governor
plans to add a five trillion tax cut on top of Bush II's current
13 year tax reduction package which didn't "grow" jobs even
before the Great Recession.  He denied it, but I'm not convinced.

Round one, done. We meet again October 11th. Let's
avoid a three ring circus then too.


  1. Mr. Romney does a 180-degree pivot by denying his support of tax cuts for the wealthy. Just in time for the debate. How convenient!

    As far as I'm concerned, the President was remiss by not calling him on the carpet. In fact, Obama didn't challenge him in regard to any of his past transgressions, despite the fact that he had plenty of ammo (e.g.: the "47%" remarks, his sordid history with Bain Capital, his support for the Ryan budget, etc.).

    The proceedings were civil, as you say, but Romney got away with murder. Let's face it, appearances matter. Romney appeared to be at the top of his game while Obama looked tired and careworn.

    To some extent, it's understandable. Obama is a hard-working President. His daily schedule is a lot more grueling than Romney's; that is Mr. Mitt "Hey, I'm unemployed too, hahaha" Romney.

    Obama has time to redeem himself. He'd better take advantage of it.

    1. It may be that Mr. Obama is afraid of appearing like an angry, scary black man, STILL. I agree that he should have attacked Mitt's terrible action record, and record of unfortunate utterances as well, which is why I'm calling it a draw.
      Demeanor counts, pundits: the guv looked too chirpy and all faux smiles.