Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CNN, Tsk, Tsk, Now Errors There Too

Seen on the Your Money segment, CNN, Oct. 6th 2012, ~1 PM.
CST: a one-question Q & A session--Can a President Create
Jobs? The guest pundit  and the CNN interviewer (jocularly
expressive though he was) both said "No", quoting all sorts of
distantly-related, extraneous points for their answers.

OF COURSE the government can and has created jobs, and it
isn't the government bureaucracy I refer to.  Here were educated
(presumably) people we tune into for information giving us bad
intel. How does CNN, et al, think the U.S. obtained the Hoover
Dam, the U.S. highway system, other massive projects?--From the
private sector? No, indeed. We need infrastructure repairs to our
crumbling roads, rails and bridges NOW, not later.
An important reminder: The Great Depression (~1930s) ended
BEFORE WWII, thanks to FDR creating JOBS, along with other

How is it that CNN hires people who  don't know that a president
and Congress can mount projects no private enterprise ever
dreamt of? Did they pass history class in grade and/or high
school? Time to re-examine those HR records at CNN, methinks.

CNN, I used to regard you as an unassailable source--
clean up your errors, tsk, tsk.

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