Thursday, October 11, 2012

The 2012 VP Debate: Where Was the "Wonk"?

Paul "Policy" Ryan, MIA almost all the way, seemed more like
Willie Wonka than wonk.  Ryan had few specific proposals,
fewer facts than VP Biden, who spat out statistics steady as
a ticker tape machine. In a bit of entertainment humor, Rep
Ryan bobbed his head like a drunken turkey in an effort to
emphatically effect points.

--It didn't work.  Biden won.


  1. Agreed on all counts. Didn't see the head bobbing because I didn't want to be visually distracted, just wanted their words. Biden was aggressive, gave out facts, and countered all arguments effectively. But more than that, he didn't come off as afraid of Ryan. I didn't get the feeling he was unsure of who he was facing, he went after Ryan like an original bulldog, he latched onto the bull and never let go, even at personal attacks like Ryan tried to throw in about his gaffes in the past. Overall, just on my listening, Biden came out ahead big time.

  2. Affirmative as well. Biden was especially effective by identifying himself and folks like himself as targets of Ryan's and Romney's contempt for the non-wealthy. He made it personal.

    I also like the way Biden articulated his position regarding women's choice from the perspective of an observant Catholic.

  3. Thanks, gents, I appreciate and agree with your comments.

    Now we have two more toe-to-toes between Mitt the Twit and Mr. O. Can't somebody get the Prez a coupla cuppas of joltin' joe?

    Best Wishes to you, Nate,
    Best Wishes to you, Dan.